I used to be nice before I had children…

I used to be nice...

… said a friend the other day, to hoots of laughter from the rest of us!  I laughed so much my stomach hurt.

She was recounting how, only the day before, she had yelled at her kids in sheer frustration “Why, oh why, did I have children?!”  – and yes, she did say that in front of them!  Their arguing and bickering had got to her so much, she couldn’t take it anymore.   Continue reading

When I feel overwhelmed

Lately, I’ve been feeling totally bombarded by the responsibilities of being a parent. It’s not been the British weather, or the cold, or even the rain that’s been a culture shock since returning to Blighty from Oz. No, it’s been the return to the banal Never Ending to do list. Ever been there? Yep, thought so. Continue reading

The Art of Plate Spinning (and buying multiple washing machines)

I knew these past few weeks would be busy.

I knew I’d signed myself up to an advanced lesson in the art of plate spinning for the not so faint hearted.

After all, if you go and arrange a large conservatory to be built on the back of your house in November, just before the busiest season of the year, which comes just before you’re booked to take the family on their First Trip to Daddy’s Homeland, Australia, then you’re not expecting a quiet life. Continue reading

The Good Enough Mums

Every now and then, I hear something on the radio that makes me nod fervently, utter ‘Absolutely!’ rather loudly, accompanied by lots of ‘Yes’!  It’s a bit of a worry when it happens whilst I’m driving, as it did last week – my driving gets slightly less sensible than normal and people pass me wondering why that strange woman is doing talking to herself very energetically in her car…

What I heard was a truth so simple, so obvious in some ways and yet so radical to our modern British ears, I had to share it with you.

Continue reading