Paddington – please look after this illegal immigrant

The other Tuesday, the 27th June to be precise, the radio told me that Michael Bond had died.  Being the author and creator of my childhood favourite, Paddington Bear, I was sad.  It’s a natural thing to do when someone creative or clever or wise has passed on.

But then hearing he was a hearty 91 when he died, my emotion moved into one of gladness that he’d lived a long and full life and had passed on something very precious to us.  I hadn’t realised quite how precious until I heard the radio programme explain where his inspiration had come for that most polite, yet downright chaotic, bear. Continue reading

The ‘Little Things’: Christmas Far From Home, Week 2

Aid worker sings Jason Mraz to refugeesThere’s a well-known saying in England that gets a good airing at this time of year.  You’ll hear it when a Granny opens a hand made gift by her grandchild, covered in glitter, a bit wonky and shrieking bright colours.  Or when a teenager offers voluntarily to put up the Christmas cards or make the guest bed up (yes, miracles do happen):

“It’s the little things that count” Continue reading