I used to be nice before I had children…

I used to be nice...

… said a friend the other day, to hoots of laughter from the rest of us!  I laughed so much my stomach hurt.

She was recounting how, only the day before, she had yelled at her kids in sheer frustration “Why, oh why, did I have children?!”  – and yes, she did say that in front of them!  Their arguing and bickering had got to her so much, she couldn’t take it anymore.   Continue reading

The ‘culture’ of comparison

“Comparison is the root of all evil!”Roosevelt quote

Thus spoke an incredibly wise Sue, ordinary grandmother of two, a woman who would never see herself as wise – probably because she’d compare herself with people more wise in her eyes.

She had been listening to a few new mums at our women’s group at church who were all worried about feeding plans and sleep times. The usual worries.

I’ve never forgotten those words, they were so bang on, so profound, they’ve been reverberating around my head ever since.

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