The Good Enough Blog – a pre-Britmums Live! post

Last October, I wrote a post that delighted so many parents, my little new-born blog didn’t know what had hit it – and nor did I.  Clearly, the news that we can relax and feel free to ignore the current pressure to be perfect parents was music to your stressed-out, how-the-heck-do-I-juggle-everything ears.  And rightly so.

But with this Britmums Live conference hovering on the horizon, I’ve been thinking again about that post and how relevant it is to us as bloggers. Continue reading

The Best is the Enemy of the Good: Home

House, by my son (6)

Ok, what better subject to kick off this series than our homes, in particular the issue of how it looks.  If, like me, your philosophy is “life’s too short for dusting”, don’t be scared off – this is for you. It’s also for you if you’re a bit obsessive about your home. That’s most of us covered then…..

To remind you, and those who’ve just stumbled upon me (hello, draw up a chair), I’ve started a series looking at the ways in which striving for the best for our children might sometimes come at the expense of the good for ourselves or the rest of the family. If you’re new, see the introductory post on this and particularly The Good Enough Mums post for why I’m doing this series).

Ok. Home.  Is where the heart is.  Right?  Ok, so if that’s the case, why are we so obsessed in our society with how it looks, rather than how it feels? Continue reading

The Best is the Enemy of the Good

Wow.  Awesome.  Humbling.

I’m referring to the incredible response you guys had to my last post, The Good Enough Mums.  I’ve clearly struck a very resonant chord with hundreds of you – maybe we’ve got enough to start a movement!

So I’ve decided to do a little series on the subject, the idea being that I’ll look closer at each aspect of parenthood that suffers from this pressure to be perfect.  I’ll ask some questions about them, exploring how you and I (I’m learning as much as you in all of this) can try and resist, and or maybe simply do what is right and good for our families, rather than necessarily the perfect ‘best’.  I’d love you to chip in, sending me your thoughts and ideas, so we can start a conversation. Continue reading

The Good Enough Mums

Every now and then, I hear something on the radio that makes me nod fervently, utter ‘Absolutely!’ rather loudly, accompanied by lots of ‘Yes’!  It’s a bit of a worry when it happens whilst I’m driving, as it did last week – my driving gets slightly less sensible than normal and people pass me wondering why that strange woman is doing talking to herself very energetically in her car…

What I heard was a truth so simple, so obvious in some ways and yet so radical to our modern British ears, I had to share it with you.

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The ‘culture’ of comparison

“Comparison is the root of all evil!”Roosevelt quote

Thus spoke an incredibly wise Sue, ordinary grandmother of two, a woman who would never see herself as wise – probably because she’d compare herself with people more wise in her eyes.

She had been listening to a few new mums at our women’s group at church who were all worried about feeding plans and sleep times. The usual worries.

I’ve never forgotten those words, they were so bang on, so profound, they’ve been reverberating around my head ever since.

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