It’s the Oh-lympics!

I could quite get used to this.  The Olympics, that is.

After 7 years of anticipation and media hype, the London 2012 Olympics are finally here, in all their once-in-a-lifetime glory.

Olympic torch, St Albans ©Adam Dickens

And there really is quite a buzz about the place (St Albans is only 30 miles away from the Olympic park).

I’m not exactly a sporty type, but I love a party, general excitement and overt enthusiasm (not very British, but, well, that’s because I’m only half British).

Two events have really got my Olympic juices going, and in such a way as to turn me into quite a Proud to be British kind of gal. Something I’m not accustomed to.  You can put it down to the Oh-so-Amazing Opening Ceremony and being lucky enough to get tickets to one of the sporting events. Continue reading