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I know this sounds like a very emotive title, one that I’ve written to grab your attention, but bear with me, I am not exaggerating.  At least, not in my opinion. Continue reading

Back to school – farewell Kairos, hello Chronos

“The clock, for all its precision in measurement, is a blunt instrument for the psyche and for society” Jay Griffiths

My two went back to school this week.

It’s always a week that I greet with mixed emotions.

I feel glee that I get some peace & quiet, time to read, write, swim, or simply shop without harassment or interference. No longer having to answer ‘yes’ to my son’s “Mummy” 40 times a day is a welcome relief, or to act as referee to increasing sibling spats as they get progressively fed up with each other.

Yet these feelings are almost always equalised with a sense of deep sadness that something very rare and precious in their lives has ended, at least for a season: the season of what is best termed ‘Kairos’. Continue reading

Reclaiming the streets for our kids

Every now and again, I come across a brilliant social initiative that is so inspiring that it makes me want to shout it from the roof tops.

Last Saturday’s Family section of The Guardian featured the article ‘The Streets Belong to Us’ about Playing Out, a brilliantly simple yet radical initiative in Bristol by two extraordinary ordinary mums to find a safe way for their kids to simply play in their street.* Continue reading