G’day mate! Guest Post from Australia

IBSD14-badge-300x300And now for something a little different: a guest post from an Australian blogger called Rhianna who I have been paired up with by parent blogger network, Tots 100, for International Blog Swap Day which is today.  So, its a bit like a blind date in the blogging world.  I loved the idea of this, particularly as its swapping with Australian bloggers, and as you know, Australia is a big part of our family, it being Matt’s homeland.

It’s a pleasure to have her on board.  Rhianna sounds very similar to me in many ways, and I love the feel of her blog A Parenting Life.  Not only does she have aspirations to be a writer one day (ehem, you are one already Rhianna) but she also seems to give 110% to whatever she does, lives a very full life (sound familiar) and love to look on the bright side of life.  She also clearly loves travel and is about to do something that Matt and I would love to do.  So, without further ado, here is Rhianna’s post: Continue reading