Friday Fiction: I Arrived at the Garden Gate Part 4

 This is the fourth instalment of a story that I started as a 400 word writing exercise for my Creative Writing a month ago.  If you’ve not read Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3, please do so before continuing. And thank you for all your encouraging comments on social media. As a result, I’ve decided to continue this story as a longer piece. If you’ve enjoyed this, tweet or comment and I’ll let you know when the next instalment is complete!

Time stood still for a moment, disturbed only by the church clock striking three.

“You must need to be getting back to work, Marcus, no?” Alice ventured.

“Um, no, I took the afternoon off. I wanted to prioritise our meeting,” I explained. “About Laura,” I paused “how often did you meet up with her? You said you got to know her quite well.”

“Yes. We met up fairly regularly, about once a fortnight I guess. She was so keen to talk and I was happy to accommodate. And she was – is – such a lovely girl,” she quickly corrected herself, looking slightly embarrassed at her faux pas. Continue reading

Friday Fiction: I Arrived at the Garden Gate, Part 1

I’m currently doing a Creative Writing course for which we get writing assignments.  I thought it’d be fun to post some of these whilst I’m doing the course and see how you like them.  If you do, I may continue to write more of the particular story.  So here’s the first.

Our assignment was to write a short piece of descriptive writing about a beautiful garden that started “I arrived at the garden gate”:

I arrived at the garden gate. It was one of those tall slatted wooden affairs set back into a thick beech hedge. There was nothing about it to catch the eye. Time and air had camouflaged the metal numbers on the gate making it barely visible.

I peered at it.

“22 – this must be it,” I thought. She had said it was easy to miss.  “Probably best if you come round the back,” she had advised on the phone.

Behind me a dog barked at a passerby crossing the old graveyard. I gathered my resolve and clicked open the gate. Continue reading