Christmas card competition winner #LoudnProud

Christmas RobinSome of you will know that my 11 year old daughter is rather gifted when it comes to drawing.  Or painting. Or anything involving an eye for design to be honest.  I’ve not talked about it much on this blog, I think because I don’t want to be seen blowing her trumpet.  But there are times when its really rather ok to blow that trumpet (especially at Christmas time, right? Those angels are up to it after all ;-).

Here’s why. Continue reading

Sketching, sculptures & savings – its mum & daughter day!

Mrs Siddons by Thomas Lawrence (Tate Britain)My husband is out of work at the moment.  Thanks to the spluttering state of the economy his last IT contract got cut short.  This means that a) he’s around a lot, b) he may be around a lot but he’s ‘busy’ not working (known as job hunting) and c) available to occasionally put the odd sock on a son who needs to get out to football camp 5 minutes ago.

I jest a little.  He really is quite flexible and available in short chunks. But sometimes it feels like I’m living with a mirage – he’s there but he’s not.  Those of you who’ve had husbands in this position will know what I’m on about… Continue reading

Back to school – farewell Kairos, hello Chronos

“The clock, for all its precision in measurement, is a blunt instrument for the psyche and for society” Jay Griffiths

My two went back to school this week.

It’s always a week that I greet with mixed emotions.

I feel glee that I get some peace & quiet, time to read, write, swim, or simply shop without harassment or interference. No longer having to answer ‘yes’ to my son’s “Mummy” 40 times a day is a welcome relief, or to act as referee to increasing sibling spats as they get progressively fed up with each other.

Yet these feelings are almost always equalised with a sense of deep sadness that something very rare and precious in their lives has ended, at least for a season: the season of what is best termed ‘Kairos’. Continue reading