Blue & Yellow: Colours of our Easter holidays

Well, the two week Easter holidays has come to a reluctant close. ¬†Suddenly, we’re back into Get There on Time mode, Don’t Forget This mode, and ‘Homework’ looms dark and large on the horizon….

We’ve had bucket loads of down time, doing what we feel like, running around in the sunshine, digging in sand dunes and walking along windy Norfolk beaches (heaven to our land-locked selves), painting eggs, laughing very loudly at the Muppet movie, scoffing chocolate, devouring books and remembering the bittersweet events of Easter.

But what comes to mind when I think back are the vivid bright colours. ¬† Dazzling yellow and gold of sunshine and flowers and sand, blue of azure skies and painted eggs, the brown of caterpillars and giant pretzel sandwiches, and the black and white of the pages on my son’s latest favourite book…. So here’s a pictorial record of our holidays, in colours:



The dazzling yellow of the sun, a very welcome return guest to our lives….of rape seed fields that bloomed extra early this year, of daffodils, of beach sand and a forgotten toy truck…. Continue reading