ADVENTure: inspiring poetry for Christmas and Advent by Mark Greene

AdventureCoverI came across this gem of a book last year but discovered it too late in December to tell you all about it.  If you haven’t already done your Christmas shopping this is a wonderful present for anyone who has a faith or loves poetry – or both.

The book is a collection of 25 poems and accompanying reflections on the people and events surrounding Jesus’ birth, designed to be read either each day of Advent or over the Christmas period. Each poem is written with deep imagination, literary flair, often with an unexpected twist, and always throwing new light on stories we all think we know too well.   Continue reading

Christmas Ads: the modern seasonal sermon

Still from Sainsbury's ad 'The Greatest Gift'

Sainsbury’s ‘The Greatest Gift’

As some of you know, I have the privilege of writing for the wonderful London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC), specifically for their Connecting with Culture page.  The brief is to write a short reflection on a contemporary British cultural issue with a faith lens – all in 400 words!  My piece last Friday was on this year’s Christmas ads which I thought some of you might be interested to read. Click here if you are!

Christmas card competition winner #LoudnProud

Christmas RobinSome of you will know that my 11 year old daughter is rather gifted when it comes to drawing.  Or painting. Or anything involving an eye for design to be honest.  I’ve not talked about it much on this blog, I think because I don’t want to be seen blowing her trumpet.  But there are times when its really rather ok to blow that trumpet (especially at Christmas time, right? Those angels are up to it after all ;-).

Here’s why. Continue reading

The ‘Little Things’: Christmas Far From Home, Week 2

Aid worker sings Jason Mraz to refugeesThere’s a well-known saying in England that gets a good airing at this time of year.  You’ll hear it when a Granny opens a hand made gift by her grandchild, covered in glitter, a bit wonky and shrieking bright colours.  Or when a teenager offers voluntarily to put up the Christmas cards or make the guest bed up (yes, miracles do happen):

“It’s the little things that count” Continue reading

Learning the extreme art of Roasting a Turkey and How to Transport a Gingerbread House in a carrier bag across London

Morrisons Xmas cakesI have a confession to make.  On Monday, I went to an official Christmas thing.  A blogger’s Christmas thing in fact.  I even ate a mince pie and it’s still November.  Shush.  And had a slurp of something alcoholic before midday.  Double shush.  What were my Keep Christmas Special (or at least till 1 December) ideals coming to?!

Well, when a blogger is offered a chance to meet up with other bloggers, have the most incredible array of Christmas freebie treats laid out before her, and then run away clutching the best gingerbread house to surprise a blogger friend’s sick child in hospital, I think we can let her cast her ideals aside for a day.  Continue reading