When Harry met Sally….and the Britmums

Maybe it was the alcoholic soda stream drinks and free-flowing champagne?

Or the Oscar-like ceremony for the best of British parent bloggers? Or the hilarious and downright brilliant blog posts read out by their authors at the end of the conference.

Comedian Viv Groskop hosts Britmums Awards

Or perhaps it was the release of tension and nerves after meeting up with people they’d got to know over the last year but who they’d never actually met – but who knew their inner most thoughts. Quite a bizarre phenomenon

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The Good Enough Blog – a pre-Britmums Live! post

Last October, I wrote a post that delighted so many parents, my little new-born blog didn’t know what had hit it – and nor did I.  Clearly, the news that we can relax and feel free to ignore the current pressure to be perfect parents was music to your stressed-out, how-the-heck-do-I-juggle-everything ears.  And rightly so.

But with this Britmums Live conference hovering on the horizon, I’ve been thinking again about that post and how relevant it is to us as bloggers. Continue reading