Things I Discovered – Spring 2015: Bananagrams, Twistrose Key,, Simple Human etc


Before you wondered what on earth has happened to this ‘Things I Discovered’ series, I thought I’d better get one together.  This freelance writing lark is wonderful, but it doesn’t half wreck havoc with one’s blog, and so the thing that went out the window most noticeably last year was this series (it takes surprisingly long to put one of these together).

But those lovely little finds don’t go away, so I’ve decided to do a quarterly/seasonal one hoping that’s a tad more realistic.  To make up for such a long time between drinks, I have a few treats in store for you….so, what you waiting for? Get discovering!

Technology/Toys:  Mine Mum Blog

If yours is a household where the word ‘Minecraft’ lights up your children’s eyes but dulls yours, then this find is for you. You are going to so love me for this.   Continue reading

Things I Discovered – May: Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

Welcome back to another edition of Things I Discovered, where I share those gems I’ve stumbled upon in the past month that make life as a parent that little bit more sparkly, fun or simply less hard work.  I’m a whole month overdue with this, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, thanks to the writing work on the World Vision book taking precedence and Easter getting in the way in April (you’d be surprised how much time this monthly feature takes to compile).

Anyway, my dears, what have I got in store for you this month?  Its the usual eclectic mix of downright useful and ‘I never knew that’ things, but with a special focus on money saving ‘savviness’ thanks to The Beezley Buzz’s brilliant Nectar Savvy Blog (see below).  I do also have one ‘luxury’ item, in true Desert Island Discs style…..Barcelona!  But first, I’ll tell you about a wonderful book…..So, here we go: Continue reading

Things I Discovered – March

Things I Discovered.Badge2Well hello there everyone.  Those of you who follow me regularly will spot I’m a tad late with this one…..Let’s just say that the one overriding, big, fat Thing I Discovered this month is the realisation that I am not a super-human.  You know, someone who can run a Quiz Night, perform in her first gospel concert with the oh-so-amazing London Community Gospel Choir, start work on her first piece of paid editorial and writing work (YES!!!), attend a Mayor’s Ball with fellow St Alban Bloggers, come down with flu, AND write a Things I Discovered post!!!  (Yikes, did i really do all that?!) So you can guess what fell off the Shelf of Achievable Aims this month….and I’m seriously in need of the Easter holidays. Continue reading

Things I Discovered – February

Things I Discovered 4Well hello everyone and welcome to another round of all the lovely/useful/bizarre and downright fabulous things I discovered this past month that I know you’ll love too.  Crikey, its been a cram-packed month, whoever thought February to be boring? Continue reading

Things I Discovered – January

Things I Discovered.Badge2
Well, what a month its been so far.  So much discovered and new things started I can’t fit it all in.  My finds have been rather eclectic, ranging from discovering how many doctors it takes to diagnose cramp in a child (go on, have a guess and don’t scroll down to the end yet!) to the power of twitter to keep me sober in during this long dark month, and taking in a sophisticated, non-alcoholic drink to get me through, a great game for playing in the dark, and a gripping novel about slavery and the Quakers in 1850s America.  And you’ll have noticed, I’m sure, that I’ve even had a super stylish make-over  for my blog, thanks to the multi-talented poet-graphic designer Helen Braid.  I love it, hope you do too.

So, here we go, lets dive in…. Continue reading