Hogwarts in the Snow, 2015

20151112_203405I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard of, and perhaps even been to see, the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford, Herts.  As we live only 20 minutes away, and half of our household are fans, we are one of those lucky families who have had the chance to go.  However, we’ve never been at Christmas time and I’ve heard from several people that this is a very special time to go. So when I got invited to bring the family to the preview of #HogwartsinTheSnow last night, I said “Yes please and thank you!” as did my kids 😉 Continue reading

Vanish those stains away!


For those of us with kids, or any kind of messy living thing in their lives (husbands on bikes, your own self secretly guzzling your kids chocolate), you’ll know how hard it is to get stains out of clothes if you use non-bio washing detergent.  Bio detergent is simply too much of an irritant for children and those with the faintest whiff of eczema.

So, if your under-the-sink cupboard is anything like mine, its loaded like an artillery with various types of stain removers. Continue reading

Family meal out at Jamie’s Italian, St Albans – review

Jamie'sMenuWhen you think of Jamie Oliver, what comes to mind? Ok, his personality may not be to everyone’s taste, or his concept of food on a budget within everyone’s budget, but I can’t help admiring his passion and sheer enthusiasm for what he believes in – preparing good, fresh food and empowering others to know how to do the same.  At least, that’s how he comes across to me.  In fact, and this is surprising even to myself, I can’t help but write the word ‘authenticity’ when I think of him, even if he does know a few things about self-promotion…

So when I was asked to review his Jamie’s Italian restaurant, I immediately was up for it.   Continue reading

Things I Discovered – Spring 2015: Bananagrams, Twistrose Key, MineMum.com, Simple Human etc


Before you wondered what on earth has happened to this ‘Things I Discovered’ series, I thought I’d better get one together.  This freelance writing lark is wonderful, but it doesn’t half wreck havoc with one’s blog, and so the thing that went out the window most noticeably last year was this series (it takes surprisingly long to put one of these together).

But those lovely little finds don’t go away, so I’ve decided to do a quarterly/seasonal one hoping that’s a tad more realistic.  To make up for such a long time between drinks, I have a few treats in store for you….so, what you waiting for? Get discovering!

Technology/Toys: www.MineMum.com  Mine Mum Blog

If yours is a household where the word ‘Minecraft’ lights up your children’s eyes but dulls yours, then this find is for you. You are going to so love me for this.   Continue reading

A dream come true: the Opening of Odyssey Cinema, St Albans


Taken by Jeremiah Yee-Wai Kirkman

Taken by Jeremiah Yee-Wai Kirkman

There are moments in life when time stands still; when you are precisely where you want to be and nowhere else, living in the moment, and enjoying every minute of it.  It’s the stuff of poets, song-writers, and dreamers.

Saturday night brought along one of those precious moments and its one I won’t forget for sometime. Continue reading