‘Endless’ bracelet review from Jago Jewellers St Albans

Looking for a present for a female in your life? Maybe a teen who’s worked super hard at their exams, or a mum with a birthday coming up?  If so, Jago Jewellers have got some lovely leather bracelets with charms from Jennifer Lopez’s Endless range that are on special offer at the moment and come in pretty summer colours (see above) as well as smarter greys and blues.

Four available colours
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The Girl at the End of the Road – Book Review

Friends writing books is quite the thing at the moment.  Last month I told you about my best friend’s debut book for children when their mum is diagnosed with breast cancer.  This month, an acquaintance I’ve got to know through writing, has launched her first novel which she asked me to review. And what a first novel it is!

Set in contemporary rural Suffolk,’The Girl at the End of the Road’ is a poignant story that grows on you as you read it.   Continue reading

What We Did When Mummy Got Cancer – childrens book for mums who have radiotherapy

Less than 3 years ago, my oldest best friend was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer (she’s the one I referred to in my previous post The Colposcopy). Although it was caught early and a less aggressive form, she had the traumatic experience of having a masectomy and a short course of radiotherapy.  And yes, she has two young girls, aged four and six at the time, a husband who commutes from Suffolk to London each day and had just embarked on a new career as a teacher.  Tall call.
Front Cover
Thankfully, she is now fully recovered and living more than a full life, not only teaching 5 days a week but also doing a Masters in English Lit with the Open University.  In all of this, she has somehow – and I have no idea how – found the time to do a wonderful, wonderful thing: she’s written a children’s book Continue reading

Star Wars – the true feminist awakens

StarWarsPosterIt was a bewildering 38 years ago that I sat in Tottenham Court Road Odeon cinema and saw the very first Star Wars.  It was 1977 and I was a mere 7 years of age.  My London-dwelling Granny had offered to pay for us all to go, all 6 of us.  “Shockingly noisy!” she bemoaned loudly in her cut-glass accent as we left. My mum still laughs about that.  I don’t remember what I thought except that it was the biggest cinema I’d been to up until then.

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First News & The Week Junior – great ways to keep your kids informed


Well, it seems the post I wrote last week ‘How do you tell the children?’ hit the spot.  It got picked up by various websites and blogger communities, most notably Christianity Magazine who put it on their blog. Their sister radio station then chose my  blog post as the topic of discussion on their Drive time show, which I just happened to tune into that afternoon – imagine my surprise when I heard my name read out on the radio as I peeled the carrots for supper! Lets just say the supper was a little delayed that night 😉

Anyway, one of the things I touched on in that post was how it can be hard to introduce our children to national or world news in a sensitive way.  TV news is simply too ‘in your face’ and alarmist in our view, so we prefer not to have it on whilst they’re up (or even after they’re in bed to be honest).

So, I thought I’d tell you about a couple of newspapers written especially for children which share the news in a very age appropriate way which some of you might find helpful. Continue reading