Daring to enter the Forbidden Forest at Harry Potter/ Warner Bros. Studio Tour

One of the perks of writing a blog is that every now and then I get offered freebies to review. Most of them I turn down as I don’t write a blog to bore you all with reviews of things you don’t need. But I rarely turn down the chance to take the kids to see the latest thing at Harry Potter Studios, just 15 minutes down the road.

This time, that latest thing is the rather spooky and realistic Forbidden Forest, a walk through re-creation of the forest that Harry & pals were strictly forbidden from entering by Hogwart’s headteacher Dumbledore.  Now a note of warning here: if you’re at all on the slightly scared of spiders spectrum, you might want to skip this post. But for the brave of heart, read on! Continue reading

Hogwarts in the Snow – a Christmas family treat, 2016

Hogwarts in SnowNow I know some of you who read this will have already visited the Harry Potter tour at the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, Herts.  But for those of you who haven’t yet had the chance or who haven’t been at Christmas, read on!

Between now and 29th January, the studio tour is given the festive treatment to create Hogwarts in the Snow.  All the usual features, props and sets are there, but with a Christmas twist.  The Great Hall is decked out with wreaths, Christmas trees and magically lighting plum puddings, Christmas cards (some made by the cast themselves during filming) decorate the Gryffindor common room, and a special display demonstrates how snow and ice is created for the film, making for a fascinating chemistry lesson. Everything is given a light dusting of snow, including the outside where we got covered in soap suds a flurry of snow as we stood outside the Knight Bus. Continue reading

Hogwarts in the Snow, 2015

20151112_203405I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard of, and perhaps even been to see, the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford, Herts.  As we live only 20 minutes away, and half of our household are fans, we are one of those lucky families who have had the chance to go.  However, we’ve never been at Christmas time and I’ve heard from several people that this is a very special time to go. So when I got invited to bring the family to the preview of #HogwartsinTheSnow last night, I said “Yes please and thank you!” as did my kids 😉 Continue reading

A dream come true: the Opening of Odyssey Cinema, St Albans


Taken by Jeremiah Yee-Wai Kirkman

Taken by Jeremiah Yee-Wai Kirkman

There are moments in life when time stands still; when you are precisely where you want to be and nowhere else, living in the moment, and enjoying every minute of it.  It’s the stuff of poets, song-writers, and dreamers.

Saturday night brought along one of those precious moments and its one I won’t forget for sometime. Continue reading

Day out to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, 2014

OlympicParkCollage4700 days ago, my family took the hour’s journey by train up to that hallowed, slightly awe-inspiring place called the ‘Olympic Park’ to see the Paralympic Games in 2012.  After weeks of watching it on TV from our town that is only 20 miles north of London, and dying to catch some of that incredible, never to be repeated, unadulterated exhilaration and optimism that oozed from Olympic Park, we finally got to get a taste.

It was indeed a really great day out, and one we’ll not forget in a hurry. Continue reading