Telling ‘My Story’ to Alex James of Bereavement UK

BereavementUKLogoA few months ago, I got in touch with the charity Bereavement UK to see if they’d be interested in me writing for them in their magazine.  As it turned out, they no longer produce a magazine but offer a website with a wide range of resources and information for the bereaved or for professionals working with bereaved.  But after reading my post September: Season of Mist and Mellow Sadness, the founder and co-director, Alex James, called me up with a suggestion.  “I’d love you to come and do a podcast for us, to chat about your experience for a series we’re starting called ‘My Story’.”

So, last Tuesday I found myself driving up the A5 to do just that. Continue reading

The Fall: when the circle of life rises to meet you

Zimmer Frame by call came in the morning, on the last day of the Christmas holidays. I hadn’t been up long. I was munching on a bowl of muesli in a chilly conservatory wondering how much longer to allow my son to keep playing on his much anticipated Christmas present, the hallowed X-Box. It was one of those days when I reluctantly started to wake up to the reality of normal, scheduled life where trainers had to be bought and homework completed for the first day back at school. You know, that short limbo period between the carefree time of Christmas and the scheduled school day. The tree and decorations were all still up, their sparkle starting to look a bit silly and out of place, like someone wearing a party frock in Homebase.

The phone rang.  It was Mum.

“I’ve had a fall. I lost my balance getting out of bed. I can’t put any weight on my left leg but I’m not sure whether I should call an ambulance.” Continue reading

Leavers so the roller coaster has stopped.

I sat in my bed yesterday morning cradling a bowl of cereal, looked out the window and breathed for what felt like the first time in 7 weeks.

This has to have been the busiest half term I can remember.  But also the most fun.  It’s been like 3 Christmases one after the other Continue reading

Twenty Five Year Friends

Tower PhotoYesterday was one of those days that’ll linger and stay awhile in my memory.

It wasn’t the unseasonal sunshine, nor a whole decadent day in London without duties, the prosecco, or even the mini-icecream attached to my coffee cup.  Delicious as these were it couldn’t beat spending the day with two of my oldest friends who I met twenty five years ago this month. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo

Cherry Blossom

Our street is lined with cherry trees.  This means that for 2 weeks every year in April it is transformed into a dreamy, blossom-filled avenue that makes my heart sing with the beauty of it all.  Like a bride on her wedding day, the street becomes radiant, the trees laden with delicate papery blossom, striking against an azure April sky.  A small natural wonder in an otherwise unremarkable, suburban area.

I always think someone should hold a wedding party here. Or at least we should throw a street party to celebrate the coming of the blossom, like the Japanese.

I could’ve attached so many other photos of our lovely, lazy Easter holiday week, such as my kids painting blown eggs to look like Mr Bump, or making crazy sandwiches filled with giant pretzels, ham and tomato paste (my 7yr old son!), but it had to be this one for its sheer beauty.  I’ll include those in a Easter holiday montage at end of next week when we’re back from our short break in Norfolk.

Have a lovely second week of Easter holidays….