The time I mistook a bath bomb for a bon-bon….

Um, well, yes.  It’s true, I did.  It was actually back in November but life was so busy at the time I didn’t get a chance to blog about it.  Enough laughs were being had about it on Facebook amongst my friends to keep my feed very funny indeed.

But the event was so stomach-hurtingly funny, I just have to blog about it.  And what better day to write about it than a day when we all need something to make us smile: the day Mr Trump is inaugurated as President of the US.  As if mid-January wasn’t bad enough, we have the world’s most disrespectful, brash, divisive quasi-politician becoming the most powerful man in the world. I actually feel mildly sick, tempered with some vague hope that it won’t be as bad as we all fear….(that optimist in me will always win out).

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Help! My family’s got Pre-Puppy Tension (PPT)

“I’ve been told to say Thank You. Not sure what it is though….:”

After months, if not years, of waiting for a dog, the atmosphere in our house this week has become, shall we say, a little crazy.  With the puppy’s due date collection date being this Saturday, strange things are going on in our household…..

  • My son has been waking at 6am unable to get back to sleep with excitement (thankfully staying in his bed – he’s considerate like that).  Then on Thursday evening he decided the only way to fill the waiting dog crate was to get in it himself……

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Train of thought: London commuting

“‘Ello?” growled the voice to the left of me. “It’s me. Yeah, alright?,” the bloke continued into his phone.  “They tried to nick me for armed robbery.”

Train of Thought

My eyes jerked open.

It was Friday evening.  I’d escaped the kids and all domestic chores and was blissfully heading into north London to see a play with my Irish cousin and partner.  After a rather intense week of my two putting up with only each other for company, I decided to do some mindfulness meditation based on the Headspace approach (more on that another time). Continue reading

Going for a Colposcopy (or Alice’s Adventures in Hospital land)

My eyes caught sight of the sign. It was hanging at the end of the hospital corridor, a corridor I must have been down several times in the past for various ante-natal appointments. I’d never noticed it until today. I hadn’t even heard of the word until now.

“Coloscopy…, colosalpy… Closocapy… How the heck do I say that?” I muttered to myself. As a person not used to struggling for words (hah!) who was rather proud of her A grade for Latin ‘O’ level, I was slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t pronounce it.

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