Winter Jewels

And so this was the week that winter finally arrived.  After watching aghast at daffodils unfolding their yellow petals on January 6th and cherry blossom make a ridiculous and worrying appearance in November, we were all so nearly fooled. Fooled into thinking we might just have, for once in living memory, cheated winter and skipped through to spring without any whisper of frost.

But look at the treats that we awoke to on Tuesday morning…..

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Light (at the end of the winter tunnel): The Photo Gallery

Oh, isn’t it so good to see winter finally throwing back the covers and letting a bit more light in these days?! Yes, it might still be very cold, but the days are getting longer and the light is getting stronger.  There is hope 😉

Sunday was the most glorious day, with the sunlight actually feeling warm. We went for a family walk in the local countryside and I felt like we’d been let out of prison: the joy that crept through my body and onto my face was tangible.  We stopped by one of our favourite trees with a rope swing and my daughter hopped on, tossing her coat off for me to catch. I got this shot, which I love:

C on rope swing

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4 Trees for #TheGallery


Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me want to forgive winter.  Ok, it was a startling minus 4 degrees. But the light was simply sublime and on my way back to my car after a doctor’s appointment, I simply had to do a detour via our lovely town park, the Roman Verulamium Park.

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What’s the Story? Fathers & Sons

I love photography, as those of you who follow me will have gathered by now.  I used to post a photo every Sunday called Silent Sunday, joining up with large number of other bloggers, posting a photo of the week with no words.

Much as I love that concept, I sometimes think a few words bring out the richness of a photo, and an exquisitely fab photographer and blogger, Charly from the blog Podcast, runs a perfect linky called What’s the Story.  The photo doesn’t have to be from the past week, so I love this idea, nor do I have to post it on a Sunday (a day i like to be off technology).

As it was Father’s Day yesterday, I thought this photo perfect for my first here’s my first What’s the Story?….

Father & Son silhouette

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