A Month of (Silent) Sundays….and Summer Holidays

Oh dear. I’ve been incredibly silent these past couple of months.  So silent, that my blog is littered with ‘Silent Sunday’ posts and nothing else.

In case you were wondering if I’d fallen down a Pembrokeshire cliff, been drowned by Somerset rain, or fallen into a gin-induced coma thanks to 6 weeks of 8am-10pm childcare, fear not: I’m still here.  I may be slowly sliding into a small dark hole of boredom from lack of mental stimulation but I am still here. Continue reading

Topsy Turvy Trip

121231_064255_0284Hello my lovely readers!  I’ve been away from this blog for too long, but for good reason. A family trip to husband’s homeland of Australia over Christmas not only put a large distance between me and England, but between me and a computer. This, I have to say, has been a very good thing in many ways (my shoulders in particular have never felt so pain free) but it has also made me rather out of touch with my beloved blog.

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Holidays, holidays

Hartland Quay beach from cliff top walk

A week ago we returned from our two week summer holiday, this year to wild, wet, sunny, cold, foggy (yes, all in one day usually) rugged, north Devon/Cornwall.  Loved it.

The scenery was breathtaking, the pace of life slow, the wild flowers exquisite, the surf energising, and the sand between my feet was sublime (even if cold). I rarely looked in the mirror, used a hairdryer or applied make-up.

What was particularly special about this holiday was that it was the first family holiday I’ve had since becoming a parent that I returned refreshed. Yes, actually refreshed. Astonishing isn’t it. That’s it, pick yourself up off the floor and I’ll tell you why. Continue reading