Christmas card competition winner #LoudnProud

Christmas RobinSome of you will know that my 11 year old daughter is rather gifted when it comes to drawing.  Or painting. Or anything involving an eye for design to be honest.  I’ve not talked about it much on this blog, I think because I don’t want to be seen blowing her trumpet.  But there are times when its really rather ok to blow that trumpet (especially at Christmas time, right? Those angels are up to it after all ;-).

Here’s why. Continue reading

Let your kids Go Wild on Sunday!

NCDUK2014 HR Banner1 (1)

Fed up with the iPad and the constant pestering to play on it?

Wondering if your tween/teen will ever ‘look up’ from their phones and enjoy the world around them?

Realising that this addiction to so-called smart devices isn’t good for your kids but everyone else does it so how do you resist?

Well this Sunday is a chance to throw off the techie shackles, let your kids go wild outside and learn about how to make it fun, along with thousands of others doing the same.  This Sunday, May 11, is National Children’s Day and the organisation behind it is throwing a Go Wild day, to encourage everyone to get their kids off their sofas and into the puddles….or trees or grass. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo – Pancake Day

Give a 9 year old girl chocolate, fruit corner ‘yoghurt’ and custard, ask her to paint with it on a pancake instead of paper, and here’s what you get…..that’s my girl! And no, the nibbled shape of the pancake wasn’t intended to evoke the map of France; more to do with her stomach caving in to the delicious sweet smell of pancake when bringing it home from art club…..with thanks to my dear friend and C’s brilliant art teacher, Kathy from Artshed, who never fails to bring out the art in the everyday for her pupils. French art pancake


I’ve not linked up with Silent Sunday this time as I couldn’t be so silent about this one….:-)

Cracking Christmas Craft Party for Kids

Christmas Craft CollageLast Sunday my daughter and I had a lot of fun hosting a Christmas decorations craft party for a few of her friends.   The crafts we made were ones that I know some of you would simply love, so I had to write a quick post to show you.  Its not too late to make some for the Christmas tree or as presents from the children to their cousins.  And several of them can be made for anytime of year. Continue reading

Sketching, sculptures & savings – its mum & daughter day!

Mrs Siddons by Thomas Lawrence (Tate Britain)My husband is out of work at the moment.  Thanks to the spluttering state of the economy his last IT contract got cut short.  This means that a) he’s around a lot, b) he may be around a lot but he’s ‘busy’ not working (known as job hunting) and c) available to occasionally put the odd sock on a son who needs to get out to football camp 5 minutes ago.

I jest a little.  He really is quite flexible and available in short chunks. But sometimes it feels like I’m living with a mirage – he’s there but he’s not.  Those of you who’ve had husbands in this position will know what I’m on about… Continue reading