Boyhood – a new phase

Football ballThump. Bang. Crash. Bang.

No. Its not the sound of builders. Or the latest video-game.  It’s the sound of my son.

“Will you please stop kicking that ball against the sideboard?!”

Every day this winter, the Boy likes nothing better than to kick his light-weight football up against the inside front door, or sometimes through it, using the porch as a make shift goal.   Continue reading

Dreading the Summer Holidays? Think again….

“The clock, for all its precision in measurement, is a blunt instrument for the psyche and for society” Jay Griffiths

Two years ago, I wrote this post as the summer holidays drew to a close.  If I’d read the newspaper article that inspired it earlier, I most definitely would have posted it before the holidays: it’s a fantastic reminder of the priceless value of down time that the 6 week break brings and that our kids so desperately need.  So, for those of you feeling a tight knot in your stomach building as the term draws to a close, read on! It won’t make the sibling spats and interruptions every 60 seconds any easier, but it will help you see value in those 6 weeks…. Continue reading

School’s not out – but it darned well should be!

It’s that time of year again.

When each evening I have no idea what we’re going to eat until half an hour before. When baked beans become a  staple part of our diet.  And I don’t even care.

When I haven’t looked at my son’s reading record for several weeks, or heard him read a book. And I don’t care (ok, he’s reading to himself so I’m pretty lucky).

When the sun is finally, actually, yes really shining, and the beach is yelling at me saying its been far too long since we saw each other.  And I do care.

When I can’t even be bothered to find a funny image or photo for this post. Continue reading

The Good Enough Blog – a pre-Britmums Live! post

Last October, I wrote a post that delighted so many parents, my little new-born blog didn’t know what had hit it – and nor did I.  Clearly, the news that we can relax and feel free to ignore the current pressure to be perfect parents was music to your stressed-out, how-the-heck-do-I-juggle-everything ears.  And rightly so.

But with this Britmums Live conference hovering on the horizon, I’ve been thinking again about that post and how relevant it is to us as bloggers. Continue reading