This time last year….school’s not out – but it darn well should be!

A year ago exactly, I wrote the post below.  You’d be forgiven for thinking me lazy in re-posting it, but I have good reason, honest!  I was reading Suzanne’s post Are we nearly there yet? from 3childrenandit earlier this week which reminded me of this.  When I re-read it, two things struck me:  one, that nearly all of it I could’ve written today to the letter, even more so since I’ve been juggling work with end of term-itis this year, and two, one key thing has changed for the better – and its a good ‘un!  I’ll let you read the post first, and then i’ll tell you what it is…… Continue reading

Let your kids Go Wild on Sunday!

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Fed up with the iPad and the constant pestering to play on it?

Wondering if your tween/teen will ever ‘look up’ from their phones and enjoy the world around them?

Realising that this addiction to so-called smart devices isn’t good for your kids but everyone else does it so how do you resist?

Well this Sunday is a chance to throw off the techie shackles, let your kids go wild outside and learn about how to make it fun, along with thousands of others doing the same.  This Sunday, May 11, is National Children’s Day and the organisation behind it is throwing a Go Wild day, to encourage everyone to get their kids off their sofas and into the puddles….or trees or grass. Continue reading

Is school robbing your kids of their childhood? Then sign this petition and let kids be kids!

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I know this sounds like a very emotive title, one that I’ve written to grab your attention, but bear with me, I am not exaggerating.  At least, not in my opinion. Continue reading

Education, Education, Education! I’ve been getting rather ‘exercised’ about education this past week.

It all started with that blog post I wrote last week about how desperately I feel the kids should have broken up from school by now, the importance of long summer holidays (in the light of recent government suggestions of four week summer holiday) and the pressure that school and homework can put on young families.

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School’s not out – but it darned well should be!

It’s that time of year again.

When each evening I have no idea what we’re going to eat until half an hour before. When baked beans become a  staple part of our diet.  And I don’t even care.

When I haven’t looked at my son’s reading record for several weeks, or heard him read a book. And I don’t care (ok, he’s reading to himself so I’m pretty lucky).

When the sun is finally, actually, yes really shining, and the beach is yelling at me saying its been far too long since we saw each other.  And I do care.

When I can’t even be bothered to find a funny image or photo for this post. Continue reading