Hi, good to have you drop by.  I’m Siobhan, a half English, half Irish 40 something,  I live in Hertfordshire, south-east England with my Australian husband and two children, a 12 year old girl and 10 year old boy.

Before I had children, travelling to unstable parts of the world for a global humanitarian charity was part of my regular routine. We decided that rearing children wasn’t going to mix too well with that, so I embraced the season of full time motherhood.  After 8 years, mildly depressed from boredom and desperate to find a creative outlet for writing, I started blogging to express my myriad thoughts and whimsical reflections on modern parenthood.  Since then its grown to reviews, opinion pieces or humourous prose about modern life in general, and more recently a regular slot writing for LICC and radio interviews.  I’ve not looked back.

I’m not to be your typical blogger in that I don’t post every week.  You won’t find regular updates on family life, nor will you find it to be a ranting ground. Rather, its a place where I get to share with you words I’ve crafted on things in life that have moved me or made me laugh.  They tend to fall into the categories of Opinion pieces, or Reflections on Life pieces.  My love of photography has found a home here too, as well as books, fab finds (see Things I Discovered), and ideas on ways we can make the world a better place (Make a Difference).

I’ve found in life that we spend so much of our time thinking that everyone else has it sorted, has a normal family, is better than us, that I simply had to call this blog Everyone Else is Normal.  The image of Beaker from The Muppets, which I adore, beautifully epitomises that feeling we can all have when we compare ourselves to others: alarmed, helpless, stupid even. But very comical. And that’s the way we need to keep it.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Drop me a line via twitter, instagram or Facebook and let me know your thoughts.

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