Lemon & Honey Ice-cream recipe

Years ago a friend of mine gave me a recipe for the most delicious and unbelievably easy-to-make dessert.  I have served it up countless times and every time without fail it has been received with large amounts of “oohs” and “mmms”.  Then follows my fun quiz when I ask them to guess what’s in it.  People usually come up with one ingredient but rarely all 3, and invariably exclaim “No way!” when I tell them.

It takes all of about 5 minutes to make and not a whisk is involved.  What could be better?

Not surprisingly the recipe has gone all around the world after various lovely friends and family have eaten it and gone home with the recipe. I have one particular friend who sends me a text about twice a year, every year, asking me for the ingredients and which has become a bit of an in-joke.  She regularly has to entertain for her job as Headmaster’s wife and so it must have been served to countless private school parents and governors in Berkshire!

So it’s high time I posted the recipe on here.  Here it is:

Lemon & Honey Yoghurt Ice cream

To serve 6-8

250g of good quality Lemon Curd (the better the quality the nicer the taste)

250g of half fat Creme Fraiche

250g of Greek Style Yoghurt with Honey

Stir them all together and put either in ramekin dishes or in one large serving bowl.  Freeze for minimum of 4 hours.

Remove from freezer 10-20 mins before serving, depending on room temperature and size of ramekin/bowl.  This is the only part that requires a little bit of skill – if you take it out too early it becomes a yoghurty consistency. If too early, its too hard to put your spoon in.

I like to serve them with a grating of dark chocolate or a piece of good quality dark chocolate on the side and a few blueberries on top.  My Irish godmother serves it to her bridge pals with raspberry coulis but a few raspberries on the side would be just as nice.

If you’d rather not have those annoying bits of creme fraiche or lemon curd left, then up the amounts to 300g each. That’ll serve 8 people generously. And if you can’t source Greek Style Yoghurt with Honey, just buy it without the honey and add your own to taste.

So there you have it: the fastest, easiest recipe for a delicious dessert.  Last minute dinner parties sorted!

PS My friend who gave me the recipe said it came from Sainsbury’s. But we don’t have to tell everyone that….;-)

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