Something to make you laugh….

It’s pouring with rain outside, temperatures have plummeted and we’re all wondering if last week’s beautiful spring weather was a big trick.  So its time for something to make you laugh.  I think I have just the ticket.

The weekend before last was what you might call a weekend horribulus.  My son had been ill the week before and Mr C was in bed for the second weekend in a row battling a hideous viral cough that had refused to go away (his valiantly going into work as much as he could probably had something to do with it 😉 ) To add to this, we’d had a mouse in the house for 10 days that none of us had either the health, time or ingenuity to find.  The blasted cat had brought it in one evening and the poor thing had hidden behind the fridge in terror. The little thing would venture out at night when all was quiet only to wake up Buster our dog who would proceed to bark at it and of course wake us up.  Oh lovely.

Between dog barks and husband’s coughing, to say I was feeling sleep deprived and rather fed up is an understatement.  Add to this an erratic and rebellious car indicator that threatened to cause a hideous accident whenever I drove the car.  Let’s call it a testing kind of time 😉 (and yes, the car was booked in to be fixed as soon as possible).

So on Saturday I took the dog out for a walk before taking my daughter and a friend to see a local production of Annie.

This is when things got funny, before they got worse!

It was one of those dazzlingly gorgeous mornings that we’ve been teased with lately. At the local green space/park where I often walk the dog were two women eating chips on a bench in the sun. There were only two other people there walking their dogs, one nearby, the other on the far side of the park.

Seeing they had a dog with them, Buster ran up to the women to play.  Being a quiet old thing of a Bichon Frise she wanted nothing to do with our whipper snapper of a playful puppy.  Smelling the chips, Buster jumped up to have a taste.  Despite him being a pretty obedient dog, he kept doing this so I decided distraction was the best method: using one of those long plastic ball throwers I’d throw him a ball in the opposite direction.   Wanting to distract him as soon as possible, I threw the ball but without looking to see if the coast was clear before doing so.  But really, we were in a big park with only 2 other walkers: I hardly thought I needed to.  Yeah right.

As I threw it, I turned and saw a tall, bald man standing near his Labrador, looking away from where we were.  It fast dawned on me that the ball could possibly land somewhere near him.  No, right on him.  Aaaggh! MOVE I thought in my head before it was too late.

BOP!  The tennis ball landed firmly and decisively on the man’s bald head before ricocheting off in the other direction!

I gasped and let out a small loud gasp whilst the two women on the bench could barely suppress their laughter.  As the man looked around, I saw with enormous relief that his expression was more puzzlement than anything and soon broke out in a smile as he saw what had happened.  Barely stifling a laugh I went to apologise.  The two women were now in stitches, which set him off and then me.  “You couldn’t have done that if you tried!” they quipped surveying the vast empty space that the ball could have landed in.

“I like to entertain!” I replied thinking of my friend Kathy who thinks I’m a walking source of drama and entertainment.

I was actually in tears with laughter.  The tiredness and stress of the week was clearly all coming out in laughter tears.

The man jovially said “I wondered what on earth had hit me.  Thank god it wasn’t a cricket ball!”

All this laughter meant I hadn’t noticed that Buster had sprinted off to the other side of the field to play with another dog he had spotted; the Labrador and the old lady dog had clearly bored him. Once I noticed, I walked toward them and saw he was being chased around frantically by a scrappy looking dog who I knew was a rescue dog.  We’d met the owner earlier who had put him on a lead as the dog was aggressive toward other dogs.  Thinking we were far enough away he’d taken him off the lead.  Soon, I heard Buster squeal and come haring over to me, and then lie down.  This was totally uncharacteristic so I bent down to see if he’d been bitten, which he had.

The owner was quite far away and I don’t think he realised his dog had bitten mine.  When he looked my way I called out what had happened but said not to worry as there was no blood or anything. I was trying not to be a fussing dog owner, plus I had been totally taken off guard by the Ball on Bald-headed Man-gate.  Turns out that wasn’t such a smart thing to do: very soon after, despite Buster getting up and running around, he lay down again and the wound was starting to bleed.

I took him straight home and decided not to worry but to apply anti-septic cream every couple of hours.  The last thing I needed right then was to have to trail off to the vets who charge you just to walk in with the dog virtually (even with insurance).

So instead of returning home with a very funny story to tell, I had a rather more important one to convey before I went out: tell Dad once he woke up to keep applying the cream to the wound.  The funny story came later which my son has brilliantly depicted in this drawing that I asked him to do for this post..

Thankfully, that did the trick and another emergency was averted.

The mouse was caught that night by a fab little mouse trap and a splash of nutella.  Mr C went to the doctor who prescribed him steroids that stopped the cough within hours.  And Buster’s wound healed within days.  Gee, I’m ready for spring…..

3 thoughts on “Something to make you laugh….

  1. Thank you so much Jo for the compliments to Sam. From the super cartoonist that you are, that’s a real encouragement. Yes, I really should post many more of my kids’ art work as it really is very good (and that’s not just me being biased!) Sx

  2. Good grief sounds like enough action for a month rather than an afternoon’s saunter in the park. Love the cartoon and the ball-thrower coming in from the corner. Can he do some more for your posts? Glad it had a happy ending … jo

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