Everyone Else is Normal goes on air!

Today, my blog had the honour of being featured on national radio.  OK, UCB isn’t exactly mainstream, but it is one of only two Christian radio stations that broadcast in the UK and has a decent following.

UCB contacted me last week after reading my post for LICC about the summer holidays being a time for throwing out the clock and giving our kids and ourselves much needed time to chill out and day dream.  They wanted me to join them on a live interview for their Current Affairs programme to talk about the topic for a full 8 minutes.  Being live, I was a tad nervous, probably more about the fact that my two children and a puppy were lurking around the house and could at any moment cause a small disturbance! But I know my kids and dog, and could count on them to not do such a thing….

Anyway, it went very well, thanks largely to the interviewer, Vicky Gibbens, who was very professional and relaxed, putting me at ease right from the start.  My friends who managed to catch it (one in the car en route to her holiday destination) said I came across really well, “very eloquent and natural”, and ‘balanced”.

To listen to the 8 minute interview, click here and fast forward it to 2hrs 42 mins. Only available till Wednesday 3 August.

Thank you UCB radio for giving me and my blog this airspace!


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