‘Endless’ bracelet review from Jago Jewellers St Albans

Looking for a present for a female in your life? Maybe a teen who’s worked super hard at their exams, or a mum with a birthday coming up?  If so, Jago Jewellers have got some lovely leather bracelets with charms from Jennifer Lopez’s Endless range that are on special offer at the moment and come in pretty summer colours (see above) as well as smarter greys and blues.

Four available colours

I have to admit, when they first showed the pastel ones to me I wasn’t enamoured, but after wearing this aqua/mint colour one for a few days, it really grew on me and I’ve been wearing it on and off most days for the past month.  Being a colour I like to wear, it complements the clothes I wear and adds a little bit of colour to my every day wardrobe. Plus it has a lovely light feel to it and the quality is excellent.

Endless Bracelet in Mint

Endless Bracelet in Mint

The bracelet is one long padded leather piece that you wrap around your wrist and join together very easily with a magnetic lock. There’s no actual lock, you slot it into the gold plated lock and it holds together with a magnet so can be done with one hand.  The above are the range of colours that Jago stock currently and are on special offer although many others are available from the catalogue.

Each bracelet comes with a wide range of silver charms that you can add to over the years.  Personally, I’m not a charms kind of girl but if you are, it’s quite a nice alternative to the traditional Pandora charm bracelets (Endless Jewellery is owned by Pandora I believe).  That said, I really liked the look of  one with the word ‘Hope’ on it that apparantly Jago do stock.  They also have ones that slide one that don’t dangle. Again, that’s more to my taste.

The single bracelets retail for a pricey £40, however they are currently 50% off in Jagos.  The charm retails for £25 but again, all Endless products are currently half price at Jago, so the bracelet and charm sells for £30 which is a much more attractive price.

They also sell thinner triple string bracelets like this one in navy blue which I find quite stylish, and one in black and black with gold glitter beneath it.   These, along with the blues and greys available for the two string ones, would probably appeal to older teens and women.

Triple string Endless bracelets

Triple string Endless bracelets

Jago’s are also running a 50% off sale on selected lines in store including Ti Sento, Endless and Chavin jewellery, so if none of these take your fancy, it’s worth popping in and checking out what else they have.  The staff are very helpful and friendly (unlike some jewellers where the service can be somewhat ‘stiff’) in what is one of the few independent local jewellers. For that reason alone it’s good to pay them a visit.IMG_8170

Jago Jewellers, 29 Marketplace, St Albans, AL3 5DL. Tel 01727 851519.

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