Christmas card competition winner #LoudnProud

Christmas RobinSome of you will know that my 11 year old daughter is rather gifted when it comes to drawing.  Or painting. Or anything involving an eye for design to be honest.  I’ve not talked about it much on this blog, I think because I don’t want to be seen blowing her trumpet.  But there are times when its really rather ok to blow that trumpet (especially at Christmas time, right? Those angels are up to it after all ;-).

Here’s why.

She entered the Design the School’s Christmas Card competition at school and despite only being there a matter of months, she went and won it!  Her full of character Robin clearly caught the Head of Art and Headteacher’s hearts, and I’m not surprised. He’s rather cute isn’t he?

I’m particularly proud because she squeezed this in amongst the usual pile of homework she had to do. Don’t get me started on that subject….

I’m also proud of her school for running this competition and for the Head taking the time to write her this lovely message and post it to her, along with a £10 gift voucher for WH Smiths. A lovely touch.

Inside of card

Have a very happy, un-squabbly, full of bananagrams and pudding wine Christmas from me!

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