Vanish those stains away!


For those of us with kids, or any kind of messy living thing in their lives (husbands on bikes, your own self secretly guzzling your kids chocolate), you’ll know how hard it is to get stains out of clothes if you use non-bio washing detergent.  Bio detergent is simply too much of an irritant for children and those with the faintest whiff of eczema.

So, if your under-the-sink cupboard is anything like mine, its loaded like an artillery with various types of stain removers.

Vanish has always been one of those stain removal staples for me. But up till now its only been the Vanish spray gun thing and the bar of soap which, since my student Gap year and travelling days, was my trustee companion in stain removal since the moment I started doing my own laundry.

The thing about those products is that they require you to soak that stained item of clothing overnight or zap it quick with the spray and bung it in the machine.  But when you’re a busy mum, those things can easily fall off the ever-increasing list of things to do, and I wont turn the machine on for one item of clothing, nor do i have an extra sink to hand wash in (for grandmothers who are reading this!).  One of the down sides of training your kids to put dirty stuff in the wash is that they get in their without being pre-soaked.

Soooooo, recently a lovely lady from Vanish asked me if I’d like to review their new range of stain busters.  As you know I rarely do product reviews on this blog as I don’t want to bore you silly.  But occasionally I say yes to something I think is worth it for a family blog.

So, I she sent me 3 products (see photo) which I dutifully tried out.

My son and daughter both have a propensity to going out in the garden in their socks after school in the summer/early autumn months leading to socks that look like this:


Sorry about that. Not a pretty sight, eh?

Perfect moment to grab that Vanish Gold Oxi-Action Gel (back right in photo) which I dutifully rubbed onto the socks using the top of the lid.  It says you can either just rub it on or soak it or both, so considering the state of these socks, I did both.  I then added a ‘Power Shot Capsule’ (front centre) into the washing machine with them for good luck.  I know, not very scientific.

The result was this:

150821_191433_5802 150821_191428_5801


I think we have a clear unequivocal “That worked!” or as the French would say, “Ca marche!”  Nice one, Vanish.

I then went on to try out the various 3 stain removal items on their own on items, all light coloured, most of them ‘spot stains’.  A very pale grey cardigan that suffered a brush with my son’s bike chain was restored to its glory using the Oxi-Action Gel which I would rate as by far the most effective. The spray wasn’t any better, in my experience, from the previous non-Gold bog-standard Vanish spray. And the power shots? Well, I reckon they’re good for a extra back up, but not to be relied upon for thorough stain removal.

None of them removed the small blood stains on my daughter’s white school shirt, which i discovered after its first wash (always fatal).  Their stain removal tips site suggests Oxi action powder for Whites, but i’m reluctant to use things full of brighteners that aren’t good for the environment.  I’d rather catch those stains first time.

Apparently Vanish Gold products are good for removing sweat stains, but I’ve not had many of those to wash out this summer with the husband being off his bike the entire season. There are some benefits….

So, the Oxi-Action Gel got my vote which I will buy more of when I eventually finish the enormous bottle.  The Capsules, being as expensive as they are, are not something I was convinced was worth the price. But then I didn’t do a thorough scientific test, so feel free to try yourselves.

Note: I was sent 3 Vanish products to try and to review on this blog, giving my honest free opinion.  As if I’d do anything else…!  Prices of products are as follows:

Vanish Oxi-Action Gold Gel (940ml) – £4 (Asda) £5.70 (Ocado); Vanish Power Shot Gel Capsules x 10 –  £9.18 on Amazon; Vanish Oxi Action Pre-treat Spray (£4)

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