Oh joy! The pins are out – and he’s up!

151019_171721_6124And so, after 85 days of holding my husband’s right ankle together, the pins (more like heavy duty screws) have been removed and he’s standing up.  On two legs.  Let me say that again. Two legs. Standing. Ah, the relief!

On his return from the hospital Monday night, I prepped the kids over supper that he might be feeling groggy and weird and want to go straight to bed.

Soon, the doorbell rang (my dear mother collected him and brought him home), they rushed to the door and I heard a very energetic, happy sounding greeting…

“Hello!” he bellowed, rather uncharacteristically.

This clearly wasn’t the response my 11yr old daughter was expecting. “Are you drunk?” she asked, cocking her head and checking him out with half grin, half concern.

“No! I’m just soooo relieved to be standing on two legs and rid of those darned crutches”

“Are you sure?” she quizzed him several times.

“Yes, positively” he said. I was wondering if the drugs were still working on him….

So, apart from being a bit sore round the bandaged foot which have to stay on till Saturday, he’s allowed, nay positively encouraged to walk by the doctors.  I’m astounded at how easily he is able to walk, even if his gait is a bit lop-sided and he’s walking at a slow pace.  But then, the past few weeks he’s been wriggling his foot and flexing his muscles as most of the day as suggested by his physio.

The relief for him, is of course, unparalleled. Well, almost…..for the past 2 days I’ve been going round, stopping, looking at him with wild-eyed wonder and saying things like “O00h! You can hang up the washing now!” or “You could actually empty the bins!” or “You can carry your plate all by yourself!”  I’m like a child in a toy shop who’s discovered so many new things that’ll make life a bit more fun (for me, that is ;-).

I’ve been rightly warned not to start lumping every menial chore on him immediately (or at all!).  But it’s very hard not to re-start what used to be a common refrain in our house “M, can you…..?”!  Poor M. Lets just say he’s a lot slower to do things than me. Or doesn’t notice it.  Aren’t most men like that?

But more importantly, I can enjoy a proper long hug with both arms. Really, I haven’t had one of those in a very long time  ;-(  Now that is wonderful. Especially when I read the other day that scientists have proven that when we hug or cuddle someone for 20 seconds or longer, endorphins are released that bring deep happiness.

He won’t be driving until he can do an emergency stop.  Or cycling for at least 4-6 weeks (or at all if a friend of mine had her way…).  And we can all start looking forward to the day he can kick a ball about with my son, stand by the football pitch and cheer his son’s team on, go for walks and ride a bike SAFELY with us all, and his mates (though i doubt that’ll be exactly safe).

In the meantime, he can clear the table after dinner and give us all very long hugs…..;-)


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