(End of Primary) School Report

Best Teacher cardMy daughter is about to leave primary school.  It’s an emotional time for us all, but particularly me as I know how she has thrived in the small, relatively cosy environment that she has enjoyed for the past 7 years.  My nerves about secondary school are probably greater than hers, but they’re mixed in with a nice dollop of excitement too.  More on that in another post!

We received her report the other day, her last one for this era.  I honestly don’t think I could’ve read a better, more glowing report.

Forget the SATS results, the new ‘Working Above, At or Towards age related’ levels system that the government have introduced, forget how well she’s progressed in ‘working mathematically’ or in ‘reading with understanding’.  Don’t get me wrong, these weren’t bad, in fact, far from it she’s done incredibly well.  But what jumped off the page for me were the teacher’s general comments:

C is unfailingly polite to adults and is a reliable, kind friend to the other children in the class. She is an excellent role model to younger children in the school and is always prepared to help in anyway…..C has been a pleasure to teach: I will miss her. I know she is destined for great things at xx (her secondary school) – they are a lucky school!”

What a comment! I beamed both inside and out when I read it.  I beamed not just because I was proud of our girl, but because a teacher had not only recognised these characteristics but had taken the time to write it; this is as much a credit to her teacher as my daughter.

Her teacher is the kind of teacher you always want for your child – professional, experienced, a bit sparky, warm, imaginative but also challenging and with high standards.  With the sheer weight of boxes that teachers have to tick these days, I’m so impressed that she’s managed to maintain her love of the profession and have that ‘eye’ for each child that recognises their qualities beyond merely academic ones.  Recognition of gold standard character is not a box that Ofsted require teachers to tick.

And as for my daughter, my mum said how much that comment about her being “a reliable and kind friend” reminded her of my older sister.  She died aged 17, when I was 14, but this comment caused my mum to recall how a friend once said that “Kate never said anything nasty about anyone and was always kind”.

It seems very fitting that we gave my daughter her aunt’s name as her middle name….


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  1. Oh what an absolutely lovely thing to write. A brilliant teacher indeed. I’ve always thought the mark of an excellent teacher, who really knows his/her profession, is that they can see beyond what a child is producing to what they are capable of. Their potential, their personality, the stuff they are made of. It sounds like you hit a good one. Let’s hope and pray that C finds similarly gifted secondary school teachers!

    • I know! She’s the Yr 6 teacher and has been for years as she’s ideal for that age. She even writes their end of year/school play especially with each child in mind. Amazing. Her new school is a very promising one, so lets hope! Sx

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