Our Mother & Daughter trip to Dublin – in 5 Funny Facts

This last bank holiday weekend, I took my daughter to Dalkey, a Georgian gem of a place just south of Dublin city, on the shores of Dublin Bay.
We stayed with my godparents in their stunning Georgian terraced house that overlooks the bay, and which they are about to move out of after 40 years.
This is the place where my family spent our summer holidays most years, my father being from Dublin and wanting to come ‘home’ whenever he could.  It is a place that holds a very special place in my heart and so this trip was a kind of ‘fond farewell’.  It deserves a separate blog post when I get a moment after half term, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you some Funny & Fascinating facts about our time there this weekend:

 1. Two of the leading male actors from the Irish-Canadian hit TV series ‘The Vikings’ moved in next door the day after we arrived for a 12 month rental.  The phrase “Look! The Vikings’ are coming outside with a cup of tea!” became the funniest phrase of the weekend.  They looked just a tiny bit different from these two hulks below….eek!
2. The 1930s chair that has sat in the guest bedroom for the past 40 years, and which I have put my clothes on every time I sleep there, is being bought by Cillian Murphy.  Love the idea that my bottom was the last to sit on it before his.

3. Ciara now understands her mum a whole lot better:  “Everyone talks to each other here, even strangers,” she observed.  What she and The Boy think of as me “being embarrassing” is actually just being Irish. ;-). Well, that’s my excuse for being a serial chatterbox.
4. The family buying my godparents’ house are the luckiest family in Ireland  Australian.  The man who lives at the end of the terrace 3 doors down (other side of The Vikings) is also Australian.  They’ve only just found out that they were at school together.  ‘Small world’ simply doesn’t describe it.
 5. The day after we arrived, the Irish voted on an historic referendum on whether to legalise gay marriage. They won with a resounding cheer.  Ireland really has changed.
And if you were wondering what the O/H and Boy were up to, they went on their first Father & Son camping and cycling weekend in Thetford Forest.  The Boy cycled 41 miles over 3 days, The Dad organised an entire camping trip without a bit of help from The Wife.  Proud Mum, Proud Wife.  Start of a fabulous tradition, I reckon.
When we said we didn’t miss their smells and toilet humour, this was their response…….;-)

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