Light (at the end of the winter tunnel): The Photo Gallery

Oh, isn’t it so good to see winter finally throwing back the covers and letting a bit more light in these days?! Yes, it might still be very cold, but the days are getting longer and the light is getting stronger.  There is hope 😉

Sunday was the most glorious day, with the sunlight actually feeling warm. We went for a family walk in the local countryside and I felt like we’d been let out of prison: the joy that crept through my body and onto my face was tangible.  We stopped by one of our favourite trees with a rope swing and my daughter hopped on, tossing her coat off for me to catch. I got this shot, which I love:

C on rope swing

During the week, I’ve been basking, no revelling, in the light that has occasionally streamed into our conservatory (I’ve decided to call it the Canaries – it’s where we get our winter sun).  The light is still gloriously low, bringing a soft gorgeous hue to everything.  Including these ordinary daffodils.

February beauties

Yesterday, the light struck these and another big vase of daffs in such a way that it stopped me in my tracks.  The sheer beauty of such simple, cheap flowers was a small wonder.  The dazzling yellow light that the two vases were emitting gave the impression that someone had turned the lights on – only they emitted light that was far more beautiful than electric light.

I grabbed my phone (should’ve got the SLR, no excuse this time) and took a shot.  Not the most amazing shot ever, I know, but it captured the feel.  And as the theme of The Photo Gallery this week is Light (Tara, what a gift of a theme for photographers?!!) I thought I’d pop it up on here.

Two years ago I took a shot of daffodils in our conservatory that I’m rather fond of.

Click on the photo below to check out the other photos – they’re really special this week, some are simply divine.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

6 thoughts on “Light (at the end of the winter tunnel): The Photo Gallery

  1. I love the fact that in February we start to feel the days getting longer and a bit more brightness. Mum’s favourite flowers were daffodils and her favourite colour yellow so seeing those little glimpses that spring is coming reminds me of her. Today was really overcast and there was no sun peeking through and my emotions and feelings seem to reflect that on days like this. Love that pic of the rope swing too. X

    • Thanks R (that was quick!). I had so many lovely ones of my daughter on that swing, and her and my son mucking about and pushing each other over playfully that I could do a whole post on it! Maybe I should….go and buy some daffs this w/e and treat yourself!

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