4 Trees for #TheGallery


Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me want to forgive winter.  Ok, it was a startling minus 4 degrees. But the light was simply sublime and on my way back to my car after a doctor’s appointment, I simply had to do a detour via our lovely town park, the Roman Verulamium Park.

In this park stand four fir trees. They’re a bit of a landmark, to locals. Majestic in their timeless beauty, they have stood and watched generations grow up in that park, including me and then my children.  Their simplicity and grandeur has drawn me to point various cameras at them over the years I’ve lived here (not all my life, but most of it). As most of these weren’t taken with a digital camera, I can’t get lay my hands on them.

I took this with my trusty iPhone 4S which has become my usual camera these days, as i rarely have my SLR on me (too heavy apart from anything).

I’ve posted this to join in with week 214 of Tara’s The Photo Gallery linky whose theme is Trees.  Being a tree fanatic and one who loves to take photos of them, I could’ve chosen a myriad (most of them pointing upwards) but this one seemed so apt for the season we’re in, this had to be it.

Hope you like it as much as I do.

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