‘Fifteen years’ – a poem for our wedding anniversary

15thWedAnnivCollageLord, it’s becoming a habit this – writing posts to mark significant anniversaries.  I’m showing my age….Today, the wonderful, slightly hard to believe date to celebrate is an unfathomable FIFTEEN years since I said “I do” to my husband.

So much has happened in this time. So much water under the bridge.  I’ve neither the time nor the inclination to write a long post about it so I thought I’d have another go at a poem for a bit of fun.  I’ve dashed it off in an hour, so its very rough, but as usual, time is not on my side! So, here goes:

Fifteen years 

Fifteen years of Morning, love!, fifteen years of yawning,

Fifteen years of How was your night?, It was alright but when will you stop snoring?


Fifteen years of word play, fifteen years of crosswords,

Fifteen years of books and ideas, of coffees and beers, and late into the night talking.


Fifteen years of hurry up please, we’re going to be late, this is our date, it’s quarter to eight, I’ll just have to wait – oh you’re so like your daughter!


Fifteen years of laughter, fifteen years of fun,

Fifteen years of  taking your time, cooking with lime, and mistakenly calling me mum.


Fifteen years of what do you think?, I need a drink, Is that the time? I’m so glad that you’re mine.


Fifteen years of what should I do?, why don’t you? I think that you… you’re still on the loo?


Fifteen years of You drive me Mad, When will you learn, Isn’t it your turn?

Of Where are my keys, God help me please!


But above all, its been fifteen years of grace, fifteen years of patience,

Fifteen years of I’m sorry, that’s ok, that’s just your way,

but when will you ever stop talking?!


Thank you my darling husband for being the longest suffering man on earth. And for your hugs. And your children.


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12 thoughts on “‘Fifteen years’ – a poem for our wedding anniversary

  1. Love this poem! Live that it’s all about normality because anyone who claims life is all romance, hearts and flowers after 15 years is a big fat liar! Nice to see the loo making an appearance 😉
    Happy anniversary!

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