‘Well done, Mum!’ An end of Summer Holidays poem

Today is the not insignificant day that my kids return to school after the end of a wonderful summer break.  Each year, it brings out mixed emotions in me.  On the one hand, a quiet delight that I get a break from being 24/7 carer who is asked a question every few minutes, yet on the other a large sense of sadness that the much needed, long stretch of no-agenda, chilled out, ‘kairos time’ with my two children has come to an end.

Yet, I always think that mums (and dads) who’ve looked after their little darlings for nearly 7 weeks whilst also possibly holding down a job should get some recognition for no such small achievement.  I only have two to look after, and we could afford a holiday, even a second last minute emergency one (that’s another blog post for another day!).  For many others, summer holidays are times when their patience and ingenuity are stretched to their thinnest.

So this year, I thought it’d be fun to write a ditty for mums everywhere who are letting out a small sigh of relief today.

Just to warn you – I’m no serious poet, as you will see, and I only had an hour to dash it off in.  But I like having a bit of fun with poetry, and this is the only way I’ll get to practice!

‘Well done, Mum!’

If today is the day your kids went back to school,

after six weeks of lazing, fun and ‘mob’ rule,

You’re a marvel, a wonder, a specimen mum

who deserves one almighty, enormous “Well done!”


Picnics, breakfast, supper, and more,

You’ve served them all up till you dropped on the floor.

What shall we do?“, “Where’s my left shoe?

You want to retort “I don’t have a bl**dy clue!”


Swimming, sketching, running wild, jumping free

It’s healthy, it’s fun (and makes you want to pee),

The sun on your face, the sand in your ears

Bring you back to the place you’ve not been to for years.


Chilling, relaxing, ignoring the clock

Works wonders for all, gives time to take stock,

But forty days later you couldn’t dispute,

They should come with a button that lets you press ‘Mute’!


They go to their beds later and later,

You wonder if for every need you must cater.

Minecraft and Bake Off have been your best friend,

Without them you may have gone round the bend.


So kick back, relax, pat yourself on the back,

You’ve done a good job, cut you some slack.

They’re healthy, happy, alive, in one piece,

Your twenty-four-seven care can now cease!


With apologies to my children if you read this before you’ve learnt the meaning of poetic licence.  You are delight to be a mum to (most of the time!).  I love your company, and I have loved this summer.

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11 thoughts on “‘Well done, Mum!’ An end of Summer Holidays poem

  1. LOVE this! For me, sanity came in the shape of Minion Rush not Minecraft! And yes – EXHAUSTED at the end of the 6 weeks. I’m all for 4 weeks – and an extra week at Christmas and Easter. However exhausted though, like you, I always feel bereft on that first day of term. This year I cleaned their rooms and “might” have shed a tear! xx

  2. Oh the endless questions. Mum, can we do this? Mum, can I do that? Mum, can you get me a drink? Mum, where’s the food, I’m hungry. Mum, what does this mean?

    Loved the poem. You captured the mood of mothers everywhere. I can’t wait for things to go back to normal, but I’ll miss them while I’m working.x

  3. This is fabulous poetry – I love it! So many truths in there that I can associate with. It hasn’t been easy juggling work and a 7 year old whom you feel guilty about if you don’t give attention to! Thanks for agreeing to link to #Prose4T 🙂 and I see you already have the #PoCoLo badge up and ready!

  4. Excellent summing-up of highs and lows of long summer holiday – actually not long at all compared to the USA and Ireland – and probably other European countries. How on earth do the working Mums from those countries manage if they can’t afford to fork out for summer camps etc?

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