What’s the Story? Fathers & Sons

I love photography, as those of you who follow me will have gathered by now.  I used to post a photo every Sunday called Silent Sunday, joining up with large number of other bloggers, posting a photo of the week with no words.

Much as I love that concept, I sometimes think a few words bring out the richness of a photo, and an exquisitely fab photographer and blogger, Charly from the blog Podcast, runs a perfect linky called What’s the Story.  The photo doesn’t have to be from the past week, so I love this idea, nor do I have to post it on a Sunday (a day i like to be off technology).

As it was Father’s Day yesterday, I thought this photo perfect for my first here’s my first What’s the Story?….

Father & Son silhouette

I love this shot for the intimate moment that it captures of a father sharing a special moment with his son, and the bold, simple lines and silhouettes.  Its one of those photos that you wish you could say was taken with great technical care and thought. But actually, it was a ‘Quick! That’s a great shot and click’ moment.

It was taken in the most exquisitely quirky, beautiful and brilliant houses I have been in.  Casa Batllo, in Barcelona, is the genius work of Spain’s most acclaimed architect and designer, Gaudi.  Built in the early 1900s especially for one of the wealthy families of Barcelona, it defies any normal approach to house building and is simultaneously fantastical (it is full of themes relating to the sea, sea creatures and dragons) yet also practical and stylish.

You may think the boy is showing his dad a photo he’d just taken, but actually they’re both looking at a clever visual aid on his smart phone that uses Augmented Reality to show you the symbolism behind various window frames, door handles, fireplaces etc. If you visit the Casa Batllo website, you’ll see a short demonstration of it (and pictures of this extraordinary building).

It was early May when I had the privilege of visiting this gem when my husband and I went on a cheeky long weekend away sans enfants.  Because we had no dependants, I actually had our Canon EOS 5D SLR with us  – being heavy I normally find the requisite drinks and snacks for 4 is all i can carry and so my trusty iPhone 4S is what I normally use to capture the moment.

I took so many shots of the house, all of them bursting with the vibrant colours that Gaudi so loved (as do I) so this one, being rather a-typically monochrome, seemed more interesting take…..

If you liked this concept, click on the image below and hop over to Charly’s Whats the Story link and you’ll see many other lovely photos with their story… photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

19 thoughts on “What’s the Story? Fathers & Sons

  1. What an amazing photograph! I love Gaudi’s architecture. When I was in Barcelona I just couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want to design buildings like this all the time. Why make square concrete office blocks?? I guess it gets a little expensive.

    • My father, who was an architect, would often mumble things like that…and then start talking about practicalities and how “its all down to money in the end, S, everything”. Thx for the comment. My blog is in a dormant, hibernating for summer mode whilst I work on the World Vision book and leave for 2 weeks en vacances on Sat. So your comment is a lovely surprise!

      • 🙂 I was on Bloglovin’ catching up on some reading. Haven’t had time to sit down and read and comment for a loooooooong time. How exciting that your dad was an architect. Seems like a great profession, but very difficult.

        • Ditto! I’ve not read a blog post in about 3 weeks! Had my head down working now spinning end of term plates and prep for holiday. Yes, a great profession and difficult. I was tempted but realised my poor grasp of maths was going to let me down….

  2. Beautiful pic. I love Barcelona, and Gaudi – and I love the sound of that app! I reckon some of the best shots are the ones where you just manage to capture a moment – there’s a lot of skill to being quick off the draw enough to catch everything when it’s just right after all!

  3. Oh wow Siobhan what a wonderful story and an amazing image. Just love it – the post and the fabulous capture. Stunning. Thank you for your kind words too lovely #whatsthestory

    See you Friday!!!

  4. That’s a stunning shot Siobhan, until I read on I thought it was your husband and son! Then I realised that it was in Barcelona and I know you didn’t take your children. I love this linky too as I feel slightly restricted by Silent Sunday – words is the bit I love about blogging after all!

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