The Best & Cheapest Father’s Day present….

Garden TentI don’t know about you, but its a rare man who actually wants his female friend to go out and splash the cash on things he really doesn’t want for Fathers Day – unless it’s on a power drill, hedge trimmer, Maserati car or a crate of beer.  The first two are too dull for a sane woman to part with her cash for.  The fast car is for those who wouldn’t be reading this post.  And we can probably manage resort to the latter.

But what do they really want? I have a strong hunch it’s something money can’t buy, like a lie-in and a peaceful house without the kids for at least one hour.

Well, I have the answer! For those of you with a tent and a garden large enough to pitch it, how about putting it up in your garden for Father’s Day?! The kids will love it so much, the first thing they do when the get up is most likely to venture into, and do whatever takes their fancy – football, if you’re my son, loom bands if you’re my daughter. And if they fall out over who does what, guess what – you won’t be able to hear the squabbling!

Cue a nice lie-in, a very grown up civilised breakfast in bed, and a little of something else ;-).  Then when he’s ready to face the kids, he can go and join them in there to open his cards, maybe even have lunch in there.

And if its raining, guess what? Its even more fun for the kids.

Now, I’ll let you into a secret. We haven’t actually yet done this for Father’s Day, but I discovered this gem of an idea last weekend when we put the tent up the night before my daughter’s birthday party.  We awoke to a blissfully quiet and empty house on a Saturday morning. Shock horror. The only sounds were muffled giggles from outside and when I peered through the curtains, I saw the tent sides and roof bulging every now and again from a football being kicked at it (see attached photo).

So, if you’re stuck for ideas, it’s the day before Father’s Day, don’t panic Mr Mainwaring! Go and pitch that tent!

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  1. what a brilliant idea! I absolutely hate wasting money on things that aren’t needed and so my husband doesn’t tend to get anything much for fathers day unless it is something useful he actually needs.

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