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Blog Badge on me

Those of you who are parent bloggers will know that last weekend was THE event of the year for parent bloggers namely, BritMums Live: when hundreds of bloggers (mainly women, save a few brave men) gather together to see each other in the flesh, talk, go to seminars to learn more about blogging, drink too much wine, eat tiny nibbles and generally have fun.  I haven’t yet blogged about it (my head has been straight back in the book project I’m working on) but I’m hoping I might yet.

Last year I came home feeling like I was lost in a sea of fabulous, warm hearted, smart women not knowing which woman when with which blog.  All we get is a name tag with our name, blog name and twitter handle, but no avatar (that’s the image we use for our blogs, to those who are wondering if I’m talking sci-fi language).  This is particularly problematic if like me, you don’t have your photo on the front page of the blog.  When I told people I was ‘Beaker’ from the Muppets, they immediately laughed and recognised me (I’m hoping I look a tad less alarmed and geeky than him…)

So this year, I decided to go prepared. I got myself a badge made with my avatar.  Here it is close up:

Blog Badge

Nice, isn’t it?

I got it made by a wonderful company called Camaloon.  Based in Barcelona, they produce bespoke badges, buttons, mobile phone/tablet covers, stickers, magnets and even cool art t-shirts.  And they’re all very stylish I have to say.Camaloon logo

What I love about this badge is that a) it’s square, like my avatar, and b) it has a very stylish matte finish.  They also do them in oval, rectangle, or traditional round shapes, in various sizes and backgrounds (even a glow in the dark style…).

At £3.25 for 1,  or £18.61 for 10 its not cheap, and you need to allow for postage which, coming from Spain, is a little higher than here (£4.99).

But if you’re buying them to last, and its something that you’ll use again and again, I reckon they are worth it.

The website is very easy to use and if you have any questions, the web chat is really well manned (Fenneke was extremely helpful and clearly a real person – thank you Fenneke!)

The lovely people at Camaloon were very kind and sent me mine for free as I told them what I wanted mine for and where I was going to be showing it off.  They actually sent me 25 (yes, TWENTY FIVE!) which made me fall about with laughter when i opened the box. The thought of 25 people wanting to wear my badge had tears falling from my eyes.

My son did a rather nifty thing with them though –  when I threw him the challenge of doing something creative with them, he put them into this conglomeration.  Can you guess what it is?

'Minecraft basket'

Er, nor could I.  But that’s because you and I aren’t Minecraft fans.  Apparantly it’s a Minecraft basket.  Obvious eh?  Don’t you love kids’ creativity?

Camaloon also produce a rather cool line of designer t-shirts, but not designer as in A&F and the like, but Spanish artists.  Have a look here in their Discover section.  And apparently they also sell Wall Stickers, which Victoria from blog Vevivos ran a competition for last September (only just realised, Vic!)

Anyway, do pop over and check them out.  If you have a design you love, get it popped on a T-shirt, phone skin, whatever.  They make great birthday presents.  And if you’re a blogger, you’ve no excuse to not be noticed at a bloggers conference again….

Note: I was sent 25 badges designed by myself online, in exchange for writing this review and telling admiring bloggers at Britmums Live where I got it made.  I only review things I think are likely to be good quality, that my readers will like and are worth shouting about.  

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