G’day mate! Guest Post from Australia

IBSD14-badge-300x300And now for something a little different: a guest post from an Australian blogger called Rhianna who I have been paired up with by parent blogger network, Tots 100, for International Blog Swap Day which is today.  So, its a bit like a blind date in the blogging world.  I loved the idea of this, particularly as its swapping with Australian bloggers, and as you know, Australia is a big part of our family, it being Matt’s homeland.

It’s a pleasure to have her on board.  Rhianna sounds very similar to me in many ways, and I love the feel of her blog A Parenting Life.  Not only does she have aspirations to be a writer one day (ehem, you are one already Rhianna) but she also seems to give 110% to whatever she does, lives a very full life (sound familiar) and love to look on the bright side of life.  She also clearly loves travel and is about to do something that Matt and I would love to do.  So, without further ado, here is Rhianna’s post:


G’day and how you going? Rhianna here from A Parenting Life coming to you all the way from Australia. And just quietly I am pretty excited to be here on Siobhan’s beautiful blog.

Unfortunately I am a bit of a last minute Lucy. Time just seems to have a way of escaping me and before I know it I am behind the eight and deadlines are approaching faster than the speed of light. Which is the case for this post.

I have approximately fifteen minutes before I need to run out the door for work. Which strangely is the way I seem to write most of my posts these days.

The whole working thing is a bit new to me. After being a stay at home mum for the last eight years I returned to part time work earlier this year. It has been a bit of a shock to the system I can tell you, however it is all for a good cause.

You see come July Mr Awesome (my husband) and I are packing up the kids (of which there are three, all girls aged 13, nearly 8 and 4) and hitting the road. We are planning on taking twelve months off normality and traveling this grand country of ours. Which I am beyond excited about as it means I will be able to take more wonderful images like these.




A Parenting Life has been my little home on the internet since about 2008. It is basically my brain downloading point where I dump a whole range of random thoughts that float between my ears. On Thursdays I host a little linky called Thankful Thursday where I share all that I am thankful for and invite others to do the same.

(pause for eight hours while I go to work)

Ok that was all a bit dodgy really wasn’t it? My apologies and thanks for bearing with me.

The work day is now done and dusted and I have a few more spare moments to try and share a little more about me and my terrible affliction of leaving everything to beyond the last minute.

In my defence though I do have a few good excuses for my last minuteness on this account.

You see at the start of the week I was asked if I wanted to host the Digital Parents Blog Carnival for this month, which of course I did. Though it meant collating some thirty odd post links to showcase and share writer details of the same number. Which naturally took much longer to do than I had expected and saw me up much later than I would have normally chosen.

Then while running on not nearly enough sleep I discovered that the father of my best friend from primary school had suddenly passed away and his funeral was to be held locally. Even though we have not spoken for many years, we are Facebook buddies and having lost my own father a few years ago I couldn’t help but feel she would appreciate me attending.

Aside from that I was a bit keen to catch up with her while she was in town. Sadly she no longer lives in sunny Darwin and I just couldn’t let the opportunity to catch up with her slip on by.

The service was as lovely as funeral services can be and it was more than lovely to catch up in person with my old bestie. It was quite possible to think that not a moment had passed where we were apart as we comfortably chatted like the old friends we are. Which I guess when you have known someone for well over thirty years is only to be expected.

The only down side to all of this of course was that it uncovered a lot of the emotional turmoil about my own father’s death that I generally manage to keep well hidden. Cue extra exhaustion and little motivation to sit and write this post because all I felt like doing was going poor woe is me my dad is dead.

But enough of all that sad talk because as much as possible I like to look on the bright side of life and always have an eye out for the silver lining. I do honestly believe there is always a silver lining, just sometimes you have to look extra hard for it.

For now though I am guessing it is just about time to wrap this post up. In case you haven’t noticed I do have a tendency to waffle on a bit. Thanks so much to Siobhan for having me it has been a pleasure.

Leaving you lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses and hoping that in every way you have a magical kind of day.

If you want to drop by and say Hi I have a Facebook page and the blog can be found at www.aparentinglife.com

Thanks Rhianna! And there was I thinking that I was late submitting my post to your site (click here if you want to read that folks), thanks to work! We are too similar…

2 thoughts on “G’day mate! Guest Post from Australia

  1. Wow Rhianna, your life sounds even more hectic than mine! Loving the idea of your road trip. Sorry to hear about the funeral and all those memories of your Dad flooding back 🙁 I am sure your friend really appreciated your presence though. I will definitely be off to check out your blog 🙂

  2. LOVE the fact that you’re doing that road trip, Rhianna! Matt’s cousin gave our kids a lovely picture book all about a family who did just that (can’t think of the name of it now, but i’m sure you have it, if not, email me and i’ll let you know). We know a British family who did that, and taking kids out of school here is no joke – you’d be hard pushed to get them back into their original school. I also think it’s great that you went to the funeral – you put relationships before blog. Nice one. Hope the work doesn’t finish you off before July….. Sx

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