My Sunday Photo

Cherry Blossom

Our street is lined with cherry trees.  This means that for 2 weeks every year in April it is transformed into a dreamy, blossom-filled avenue that makes my heart sing with the beauty of it all.  Like a bride on her wedding day, the street becomes radiant, the trees laden with delicate papery blossom, striking against an azure April sky.  A small natural wonder in an otherwise unremarkable, suburban area.

I always think someone should hold a wedding party here. Or at least we should throw a street party to celebrate the coming of the blossom, like the Japanese.

I could’ve attached so many other photos of our lovely, lazy Easter holiday week, such as my kids painting blown eggs to look like Mr Bump, or making crazy sandwiches filled with giant pretzels, ham and tomato paste (my 7yr old son!), but it had to be this one for its sheer beauty.  I’ll include those in a Easter holiday montage at end of next week when we’re back from our short break in Norfolk.

Have a lovely second week of Easter holidays….

8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo

  1. Blossom is a true representation of Spring for me, I just love it. Have been trying to take a photo for the last few weeks but as I don’t have any near me, I’ve failed. My next task is to plant a blossom tree in our garden! Hope you have a lovely holiday x

  2. Everything seems to have come out at the same time this year, doesn’t it? I was over at the Tomsons’ garden last week and kicked myself for forgetting my camera. They have the most magnificent white cherry! (Sorry, London Colney!)

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