If you like what I write, would you mind voting?

On Saturday 12 April at midnight, voting closes for a set of awards that recognises excellence in parent blogging.  These prestigious awards are organised by BritMums, the parent blogger network that I’m a part of.  I’ll actually be at the award ceremony as its all part of the annual shindig that is BritMums Live conference in June this year.

I know that I’m unlikely to win in the categories that best fit, Writer or Inspire (believe me, the competition is stiff, there are some simply fantastic bloggers out there!) BUT, I would love to be shortlisted, something which itself holds kudos in the world of blogging – or writing, if you’re trying to get somewhere in the world of writing, like myself.

So, if you like what I write and consistently come back for more, it’d be super fantastic marvellous if you could spare 5 mins to fill in the nomination form on the BritMums site.  You don’t need to nominate a blog for every category (all 16)! Just one or two are fine. And you don’t even have to list your favourite blog post (but it helps!).

And, whilst I have your ear, if you ever read a post that makes you smile, encourages you to keep going on the sometimes bumpy road that is parenting, or makes you think ‘I never knew that!’, would you mind being a brave soul and writing a comment every now and then?  Every now and then I come across people who tell me they love what I write and how a particular post brightened their day, and it comes as a total surprise to me, as I had no idea they were even reading my blog.  You see, I love feedback – it’s why I write a blog and not a diary.  Its the extrovert, conversational side of me.  And I’m not just talking about praise: I want to hear your opinion, thoughts and experience about what I’ve written about.  You know me – I love a good conversation!

Thank you.  And thank you for reading my thoughts, ramblings and rants.  I simply love writing, it’s become quite a passion.  But without your reading, I wouldn’t have the same reason to write.



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