Blue & Yellow: Colours of our Easter holidays

Well, the two week Easter holidays has come to a reluctant close.  Suddenly, we’re back into Get There on Time mode, Don’t Forget This mode, and ‘Homework’ looms dark and large on the horizon….

We’ve had bucket loads of down time, doing what we feel like, running around in the sunshine, digging in sand dunes and walking along windy Norfolk beaches (heaven to our land-locked selves), painting eggs, laughing very loudly at the Muppet movie, scoffing chocolate, devouring books and remembering the bittersweet events of Easter.

But what comes to mind when I think back are the vivid bright colours.   Dazzling yellow and gold of sunshine and flowers and sand, blue of azure skies and painted eggs, the brown of caterpillars and giant pretzel sandwiches, and the black and white of the pages on my son’s latest favourite book…. So here’s a pictorial record of our holidays, in colours:



The dazzling yellow of the sun, a very welcome return guest to our lives….of rape seed fields that bloomed extra early this year, of daffodils, of beach sand and a forgotten toy truck….


EasterBlueMontageAzure big blue skies stretching for miles into the far flung tide, Beach huts, and Mr Bump the painted egg (who also has a happy face the other side!)


The low tides that North Norfolk is famous for would brought huge vistas of ochre brown sand, that became a dark muddy grey colour when you dug just below the surface (and our two kids spent many an hour digging in sand I can tell you!).  Then there was the soft brown of the myriad fluffy caterpillars we found hatching in cobweb like structures within the branches of dune bushes (quite eery to be honest) and which my son took a liking to; and finally, the golden brown of a giant pretzel which my son decided to make as the FILLING in his sandwich one day, along with ham, cucumber etc (I know, it looks disgusting!).  It’s definitely the holidays when mum says ‘Go and fix your own lunch’ to see what they come up with!  He actually got his chops around this huge sandwich – i couldn’t believe it! Very funny.


Reading Fest

The black and white of the pages of Harry Potter book 3 The Prisoner of Azkhaban which my 7 yr old son spent the first 4 days of the holidays devouring. I couldn’t believe how he managed to read it, being in only his 3rd year of Infants, and we’re not entirely comfortable with his reading a book of that comprehension level on his own, but it was a real memorable ‘first’ for us (and how amazing to have your youngest read and read in their holiday, giving me the freedom to do the same!).  His Harry Potter obsession is very hard to tame….

So how were your holidays?

I’m sure that for some of you it’s been far from relaxing or fun.  More like strained, boring, or just hard work if you have kids who squabble incessantly, have special needs or if you’ve not got the means to get away for a much needed change of scene.

I feel for you. I realise how fortunate and blessed I am to be at this point in my life and to have had such an enjoyable break…..

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17 thoughts on “Blue & Yellow: Colours of our Easter holidays

  1. You’re a good photographer, Siobhan! I am so glad that you were able to step back, rest, and enjoy the holiday. Taking a break from the “Get There On Time” and “Don’t Forget This” mode is so necessary to do periodically!

  2. It makes a refreshing change to hear some who has had such a wonderfully, peaceful break. I looks beautiful! I am loving how your son is sat there, wand in hand, whilst reading the Harry Potter book – how brilliant! x

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