A Tale of Two Schools, One Mayor in a Onesie & Team Honk St Albans

Team Honk Collage 2Yesterday had to be the most surreal, hilarious, bizarre and rewarding days I’ve had in some time.

Dressed as a pink hippo from cult 1970s kids TV show, Rainbow, myself, Annie Robb from AnnieQPR and Renata from Just Bring the Chocolate, along with all the fantastic staff at St Peters school, helped realise the crazy plan that was a human chain of 500 school kids from two schools, transporting the baton as part of Team Honk Relay.

Helping the 250+ children in our school to form a human chain and to speak out their name as they passed the baton on was probably the highlight.  The delight, giggles, and shy looks they gave as the Woman in the Red Onesie with Gold Chains Around Her Neck ran alongside them and listened to each and every name was a treat.  Joining up with the children and teachers from Mandeville School, who’d organised this (the brain child of blogger Jenny at Cheetahs in My Shoes) was another treat, with some familiar teacher faces greeting old pupils.

The Mayor, Annie Brewster, who has been the most refreshing, energising and glamorous mayor to have served St Albans, really was the star of the show, as she egged everyone on and took part in anything we threw her way.  But never did you feel it was all about her.  No.  This was very much to support St Albans’ part in raising funds for Sport/Comic Relief as part of the phenomenon that is Team Honk 

But choosing a highlight on a day like today is tough.  Here’s a few other contenders:

  • Running around a school playing field with the town mayor, chased by 20 Year 6 pupils, and wishing the huge nose on my outfit would stop bouncing into my eyes;
  • Squashing into an old prison cell under the Town Hall with said mayor, 3 other bloggers for a photo shoot in the local paper (“I don’t remember signing up to this” was a familiar refrain in my mind);
  • Letting the kids punch my hippo nose in the playground at lunchtime;
  • Wandering through town with Zippy pushing a buggy, the mayor in her Onesie and Renata in her spangly tights & son’s swim shorts as if it was a totally normal thing to do on a Tuesday afternoon;
  • Watching wonderful Helen from Actually Mummy scoot off in her Buzz Lightyear outfit to deliver the baton to the next blogger. Way to go Helen, that’s a lot of scooting (she’s on left of mayor in picture below of us in the old courtroom. Don’t ask me why we ended up in there.)

Team Honk Collage 4

But the funniest moment had to be when the editor of the local paper, the Herts Advertiser, turned to me when going round asking all the bloggers to introduce themselves by their names and blog titles.  “Siobhan” I said “from Everyone Else is Normal.”  “Perfect name for someone dressed as a pink hippo!” he quipped.  So right.  It was a perfect moment.

We even smashed our St Albans leg of the relay target of £500 by raising over £800 by end of the day.

I have to be honest though, I couldn’t be a celebrity.  All that smiling made my face ache, all that standing did the same to my legs and all that attention was a bit too much at times.  One day’s enough for me.

And I don’t care a jot if I get no extra readers of my blog.  I didn’t do this for blog publicity.  Having worked in the international development sector pre-kids, I know the work of Comic Relief and the kind of projects they fund.  It is all very well spent.

What I loved most about the day was the way two primary schools had a lot of fun, and silliness and laughter was brought into their day, whilst doing something funny for money.

Its not too late to donate. Either text HONK to 7005 to donate £5 or click here to donate online to our St Albans page:  http://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/stalbansteamhonk

Thanks to all those who donated; to the Fun Zone who generously donated our Zippy & George outfits, the Bakehouse for making a surprise cake for us, Cuthberts for the amazing, what I call, scooter-on-steroids that Actually Mummy sped off on, the staff at St Peters and Mandeville, particularly our deputy head Mandy Aldredge, and the Mayor, Annie Brewster. 

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