10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #26

    • I know – AT LAST i got to use a proper SLR camera (the OHs which i find too heavy to carry around normally, doesn’t have integral flash and is too expensive to get ruined by beach sand)! And yes, oh yes, if ONLY i could find the time to write a blog post. I’m desperate to write but I’ve had the most ridiculous time the last couple of weeks where I’ve hardly had a min to myself and when I have, I’m too exhausted. My eldest has had the most enormous hormone spurt that has meant fireworks at least 2 times a day and I’m exhausted. Hope to write this week…..Sx

    • LOL! Yes, he is MY husband (making a rare, second appearance in my blog photos), so your comment really made me laugh! Thx for dropping by – my SS photos are usually last as I post ones from that day.

    • Its actually Hitchin, Hertfordshire, NOT South France as it gives impression….writing a blog post about our little find. Well, trying to write one, but when I’ll find the time in the hols I don’t know!

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