18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #18

    • It was amazing. So stunning, informative and a feast for the eyes. Try and go on a sunny day to get the most of the glass its encased in. And don’t forget to have a cuppa and piece of their stunning cake RIGHT UNDER the boat – incredible! If only i’d had a decent camera with me….all i had was my iphone 3!

  1. i must get over to see it, ronnie would love exploring it. the wife of a friend of ours was working on it, restoring it when it was burnt down, brilliant to see it’s back in it’s full glory!

    • Thanks! Yes it was splendiferous (as someone once said!) and so worth a visit. The way they’ve encased it in glass is just stunning. And you can have a cup of tea literally right underneath it (would’ve posted a photo of that but it wasn’t a great shot). Sadly, I only had my iPhone 3 to take photos with…..

    • It was truly stunning, esp on a sunny day as you get the benefit of the sun streaming down on the copper. The cafe right underneath the boat was worth the visit alone let alone the fantastic history lesson we got from the visit!

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