Girl’s Nine. And she’s oh so fine.

Today my eldest is 9.  Nine.  And the excitement is just as big as it was when she was 5. Or 4.  And I’m not just talking about her!

Each year I feel extraordinarily proud of her. And proud of my husband who has been such a tender father. Extraordinarily the richer for having birthed her, known her and getting to know her. We feel so fortunate to know this precious human being, this girl with an inner beauty that matches her exquisite smile. This bundle of fragile emotions, all giggles the one minute, explosive the next, and thoughtful in between. This girl whose thoughts sometimes run scarily in parallel with my own, leaving me to wonder where the child has gone….until she dissolves into tears about her pudding being smaller than her brothers….

Last year I wrote a reflection on how she’s metaphorsing from little girl to tween, and all the struggles and beauties inherent that stage (see Eight). I could write it almost the same this year, although I’d say the slamming of doors, disagreements with her brother and pertinent comments are becoming more of a regular feature of our lives 😉

So this year, I thought I’d post 9 photos that celebrate her this past year. I know I don’t normally post photos of her face, so I thought, to heck with it, as its her birthday, let’s celebrate with some photos that capture her sense of fun, love of life and sheer beauty (and yes, she’s inherited from me the insatiable desire to put things on her head…)


Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl! We love you so (and that’s from Dad as much as me – shame I couldn’t squeeze a photo in of him too!)

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18 thoughts on “Girl’s Nine. And she’s oh so fine.

  1. what a beautiful daughter you have and yes a magical amazing smile! I love the idea of the 9 photos. My son turns 9 later this month – will have to remember that idea as sometimes I feel I focus on celebrating the little milestones for my baby girl but don’t get around to doing that for my sons. xxx

    • Yes, when life is so busy (like it is particularly for me at the mo) doing a photo collage somehow captures and celebrates them in a different and quicker light. You must find it so hard to keep up your blog as well as home schooling….S

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Nine is such a special age as it is the last year of being in single digits! Your daughter sounds like a lovely and special girl and your love for her comes shinning through

  3. Lovely birthday celebratory piece of writing. All our daughters are such winsome, beautiful creatures, and so scarily like ourselves at times! That makes us all beautiful together.

    • The attitude started when she was 8, sadly, but to be honest, its not been too bad. Its the big upsets and dramas that get to me. I suppose I’m just getting a dose of my own medicine…!

  4. What a lovely post Siobhan. Your beautiful daughter sounds a lot like my feisty Tween! We love them so much but their behaviour leaves a lot to be desired sometimes….it’s gonna be a long old haul! Funny though how we tend to recognise these traits in ourselves though, isn’t it?

    • Thanks S. I know – children are our real mirrors! Scary isn’t it?! Someone told me the other day to make a note of the days she’s stroppy as its linked with our cycle (already?!) and i’m beginning to wonder if she’s right – she’s been her sweet old self for past 2-3 weeks….hormones definitely have a lot to do with it. S

  5. Thanks Emma, what a lovely reply! I know, this whole, growing up business doesn’t half keep us on our toes! If you get time, have a look at my post Eight (last June) which has alot more of those kind of lines….. kids, don’t ya love em!

  6. What a lovely celebratory post! Nine. I am trying to process my Esme turning five at the end of August. But nine. It is inevitable I know, but so often I want to stop the clock ticking, just to make the most of where they are! Loved the photos, and the writing, particularly the line, ‘This bundle of fragile emotions, all giggles the one minute, explosive the next, and thoughtful in between.’ Super. Enjoy her big day together and a very happy birthday to her!

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