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headlinesSo much is going on in my life at the moment that is making me laugh, cry or tear my hair out, but being so busy, I’ve no time to write about it. So, I thought I’d take inspiration from the wonderful Robin Kramer at Pink Dryer Lint, who wrote a post of headlines from her week and asked others to send theirs in as comments. Hysterically brilliant.

So, here goes, only my week has been such that it has to be covered in several headlines:

  • Family throw fantastic party to celebrate new conservatory. Whilst parents sleep it off, leaking toilet causes untold damage to kitchen ceiling, cupboard and worktop.
  • Boy, aged 6, hurts himself for the sixth time in as many weeks. Mother frantically searches for lost patience.
  • Cycling enthusiast, aged 43, calls his wife for the third time in 2 months to be collected from Middle of Nowhere owing to injury/broken bike.
  • 42 yr old mother of two suffers shock after driver of passing car yells out ‘Sexy!’ on her way home from school run.
  • 8 year old girl in shock at winning local art competition.
  • Over-stretched mother discovers it is only Tuesday when she could have sworn it was Friday.

And this all in just 4 days.  Pass me the gin….

So, now its your turn. How would you sum up your week (or one part of it) in a headline?

I’m linking this up with Shoulder to Shoulder Day for Emma at Crazy With Twins (apologies for not making it a post especially for you Emma, but I lost track of dates!)

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

14 thoughts on “My Week in Headlines

    • Its great isn’t it, Vic? I’m not surprised you feel like that with all going on in your life at the mo! Thinking of making it a regular blog hop, so watch this space, poss for end of each month. x

      • no idea about the ads… 🙂 and no, it didnt stop the toddler tantrum but made myself feel better ha ha ha – we should all do it more often – Primal Tantrum Therapy! x

        • Absolutely! Well done you for having the guts to go ahead and have the tantrum! There was an ad a few years ago of a mum throwing a total tantrum in a supermarket, but i can’t remember what for! Go and google it. You’ll have a laugh.

  1. Love the “thought it was Friday, but it was Tuesday” one! I have another:

    Mother doesn’t pay attenting during 10 minute conversation with toddler where she says only “mm-hmmm” and “uh-huh,” still has no idea what she agreed to.

  2. this is quite an apt one for me! : The GPs who don’t even know your name: Health minister to launch attack on failings of inaccessible family doctors

    What a fab funny post, thanks for linking it up with #magicmoments lol x

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