The Gallery – ‘Youth’

When you’re young, nothing is more fun than throwing stuff at each other and making one almighty mess.  For that matter, its pretty fun when you’re old too, it’s just that we become too concerned about the mess or putting our backs out!Last week, my two ‘younglings’, had the time of their lives on entering what has to be the best soft play area in the UK: a large barn full of straw and not much else (daughter pictured on right). Specifically set up for when the rain comes and visitors can no longer run around the fantastical wood called Puzzlewood (Herefordshire), it soon became their favourite activity.

They entered into the spirit of it with the greatest abandon and zeal you could imagine, laughing and giggling like kids only do when fully let loose. They charged in with two other friends they’d met at the YHA hostel we were staying at (more on that in the next post) and came out with the most impish gleam in their eyes and straw in their hair (in fact, everywhere, literally, yes, even there).

This post is for week 138 of The Gallery, subject: Youth.  I thought this picture summed up the essence of youth – freedom, abandon, and having a laugh by making a big mess.   I’ll post some more photos from that trip (and this barn fight) in my next post and tell you all about how wonderful YHA hostels are for budget family rural get-aways.


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